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Natalie Sample

Natalie Class Aug 2019_edited.jpg

Instructor/LE/NCEA Certified
After graduating with a B.A. in Geography from The University of Washington, Natalie pursued her interests of skin care here at Euro Institute in 2009. Her training fueled a passion for holistic skin care, aromatherapy, and hair removal.

She soon became a leading esthetician and educator at Ummelina International Day Spa in Seattle. She further refined her skills at the Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa, and Wax Sabbath Spa - a Seattle based hair removal studio.

These varied work experiences have provided Natalie with a unique understanding of contemporary esthetics, and she passes on this knowledge, along with an emphasis of quality customer care, to her students.
As a dedicated mentor, Natalie strives to instill not only technical proficiency but also a passion for the art and science of skincare in her students, ensuring they excel in a rapidly evolving field.

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