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Michelle Estes

Michelle 2022.jpg

Besides being tirelessly devoted to providing our esthetic students with a cutting edge and well-rounded holistic education, Michelle is a superbly talented esthetician and teacher. Her well-researched and balanced curriculum continues to evolve with new techniques and treatments added and revised to stay in synch with the constantly changing world of esthetics. Her commitment to providing students with hands on clinic experience is second to none!

Michelle joined the Euro Institute's instructor's team in 2006.  Along with her accomplished esthetics skills, she brings with her extensive experience in kinesiology, aromatherapy and massage.  As a former business owner, Michelle has a perfect perspective for guiding students toward independent careers.  Michelle teaches the anatomy and physiology portion of the Euro Institute program and is the Euro liaison to the state licensing board regarding esthetics licensing.  Her organizational and technical skills have also made her instrumental in developing the Euro class curriculum, website, treatment protocols and training manuals. 

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