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Michelle Estes

Michelle May 2024.jpg

Director of Education/Instructor/Master Esthetician/LMT/NCEA Certified

Michelle joined the Euro Institute of Skin Care instructor’s team in 2006. Along with her accomplished esthetics skills, she also brings with her a vast background of experience in kinesiology, aromatherapy and massage. As Director of Education, Michelle plays a pivotal role in shaping the educational landscape of our institution, overseeing not only the curriculum but also the overall management of the school and its clinic.
Michelle is responsible for creating a curriculum that combines the latest industry trends, cutting-edge techniques, and a holistic approach to skincare. Her commitment to excellence ensures that our students receive a comprehensive and forward-thinking education, preparing them for success in the ever-evolving field of esthetics.
Michelle also oversees our team of dedicated instructors, fostering a collaborative and inspiring learning environment. Her mentorship ensures that the faculty is equipped with the latest tools and industry knowledge, empowering them to guide students towards their full potential.

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