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Natural/Organic Skincare: Myths & Misconceptions

Natural and organic skin care products have increased in popularity, especially with the sustainability movement. Although most of us would agree that sustainability is good for the planet, many clients and professionals may be a bit confused or skeptical of the results that natural/organic ingredients deliver.

Some of the more common myths or misconceptions are. . .

The idea that although organic or natural skin care is healthy, it doesn’t provide results. Many people thing they have to choose between "healthy" treatments or "chemical" ones that provide better results.

The buzz out there is that actives like retinol, chemical peels, or lightening agents like hydroquinone are the pinnacle when it comes to results-driven treatments. The fact is, there are many natural alternatives to these chemicals and as the esthetician, it's your job to educate your clients on the best organic ingredients for their skin conditions.

Using actives found in fruits, herbs and certain vegetables and combining these actives with the most advanced science, products are able to achieve dramatic results in the skin without increased sensitivity, downtime or other adverse side effects. (Our Lightening Serum delivers great results with the use of Kojic Acid, a recognized skin lightener and does not contain hydroquinone.)

If your clients are working on transitioning into including organic products into their home care, help them find organic products that either pair well with the current non-organic treatments in their regimen (like retinol and hydroquinone alternatives) and help alleviate potential side effects. This would include restorative oils, serums and balms that have the soothing benefits of nature from ingredients such as chamomile, rosehip seed oil or lavender. (Try our Evening Primrose Oil!)

At the Euro, we love that natural and organic products use what nature gives us - incorporating the actives found in the plants and herbs we use in our ingredients. We feel it's a win-win for our students, our clients and our world!

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