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5 Reasons We're Grateful for Estheticians Every Day!

Estheticians are the experts and are dedicated to helping you put your best face forward every step of the way on your skincare journey. That’s why today we’re sharing five reasons we’re grateful for them all year long!

1. You get expert guidance from an expert: We're sure you know this already. Estheticians know what you need to get your skin in shape for that big event, presentation, or upcoming vacation. They understand your struggles with a particular skin condition. Regardless of how many TikTok or YouTube video tutorials you watch, there’s no substitute for the real thing – an expert educator who can answer questions about your skin and guide you in your choice of the best skincare products for your skin type and condition. As an expert, estheticians continue their education on skincare, trends, treatments, and products long after they graduate – and they are committed to not only sharing that knowledge with their clients, but making sure you all get the skincare results you’re looking for.

2. They get to know your skin inside and out: Estheticians go more than skin deep! Once they get to know you, they’ll work to really understand your skin and its ever-changing needs. Our skin is always responding to changes in our environment, the seasons, diet, skincare products, and lifestyle changes - so an esthetician has to be an expert detective at all times!

3. Estheticians perform miracles: Aren’t you always pleasantly surprised (or downright amazed!) at how your skin looks and feels after just one visit to your esty? Who else could deal with that stubborn redness or blemish breakout? Estheticians work to get you the results you want with their expertise and knowledge of your skin. From your first facial on, your skin will get glowing, all thanks to the dedication of an esthetician.

4. When DIY isn’t enough, a professional can do what you can’t: Sometimes trying things on your own to fix your skin concerns just isn’t working. Or even if it is, treatments like chemical peels and microdermabrasion treatments are best left for the skin care experts. Another reason we’re grateful for estheticians is that they know exactly how professional treatments work, the best skin care products that are right for you and how to create a homecare regimen that works. Leave it to the experts!

5. Estheticians are a ton of fun: Estys know that skincare can sometimes be confusing and a bit discouraging, especially if you are dealing with chronic or persistent skin conditions. Estheticians will always try to make the process as simple and fun as possible and help you to relax and enjoy your treatment. So put your mind at ease and make an appointment with an esthetician – skin therapy could be just what you need!

A great esthetician will make you feel great both inside and out, so not only do they help with the body, but the mind and spirit as well.

Here at the Euro Institute, we’re definitely more than a little biased when it comes to esthetics and estheticians – and we are very grateful for both our esthetician students and professionals! They go above and beyond to care for our skin, make us feel and look great, and always remain dedicated and committed to their craft and profession.

Think a career in esthetics might be in your future? Contact Darlene in Admissions to schedule an appointment to visit, attend an Open House (next one: June 8) or receive a catalog.


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