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Becoming a Unicorn: Why Every Esthetician Needs Their Own Unique to Stand Out

An esthetician doesn’t just improve the skin – they transform lives – one facial at a time. Skincare pros know their work isn’t just a career- it's a passion. Estheticians are specialists who provide a wide variety of services to their clients, working closely with them to help them achieve their skincare goals, solve their skin concerns, and feel confident and radiant in the skin they’re in.

The field is never too crowded for another talented professional. That said, it’s important to differentiate yourself from the competition by offering your clients what is your unique gift while providing superior customer service. Are you standing out from the competition? By using your creativity, staying ABL (always be learning), and keeping current on new trends, treatments, and products you’re laying a sound foundation for success in your esthetics business.


In today's technologically overloaded society, where influencers and so-called experts bombard us through social media, it's more important than ever to have a crystal clear, unique identity. One way to achieve this is by having your own “unique” – that something special that sets you apart from other estheticians. What do you do that nobody else can do quite like you?  When you clearly articulate your mission and vision and get that message out to prospective clients, you attract attention and grow your customer base. Having one or more uniques also helps you build a strong brand that loyal clients will flock to and stay with. A strong brand identity will help rocket your business to great heights!


Your unique(s) can be anything – from using a specific product line to customized facials, or specializing in a specific area (acne specialist, sugaring, or body wrap guru). Your spa space décor and customer experience should reflect your uniqueness. When you offer clients your definition of “special” – in a way that no one else does, you automatically attract clients who want what you have to offer and are a perfect match for your business. Your ability to consistently deliver a professional, quality, experience will ensure customer loyalty and turn first time clients into permanent ones. If you’re ready to embrace real success – don’t look at what others are doing or attempt to copy their business model. Focus on what makes you great, different, unique, and amazing.


In short, be the rare unicorn you are, and make your passion profitable!

We're always looking for unicorns at the Euro Institute! We provide our students with a comprehensive understanding of esthetic theory as well as the business skills needed to start a career. We also set our students up for future success by experience with real-life clients in a spa setting as part of our curriculum.

Think you should become an esthetician? We invite you to learn more - call, visit, or attend an Open House.



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