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Digital Branding 101: 3 Tips to Online Distinction

In order to grow your business in the tech world of today, your online presence has to be on point. There’s no getting around it – if you don’t have it down, you won’t be successful.  Check these 3 tips to see if your digitally on track.

1. Make Your Website More Than an Online Brochure

The first impression for most people is a web search. When someone is searching for a spa in their area, they might simply type “spa near me” in Google. If they happen to be on your page, will they be captivated by what they see?

We recommend that you be sure you’re:

  • Keeping it simple. If you aren’t a web designer, keep your website simple and easy to navigate. Using a web service like Wix, Shopify, Go Daddy, WordPress, and others make setting up a site easy way to get up and running.

  • Using visually compelling images and logo. Someone that goes on to your website should be able to quickly see what your business is about. Images should be appropriate to the business and clear.

  • Creating a call to action. When someone visits your site, is it clear what you want them to do? Are they easily guided to schedule an appointment or buy a product? Make sure that you have clear links and directions on your website that directs people to the call to action.

2. Take Advantage of Social Media

Let’s face it, people are hooked to social media. Make the most out of it for your business by integrating social media platforms you resonate to with your website.

well maintained social media account will increase traffic to your site, improve your SEO ranking and reach potential new clients. Most importantly, if you create a site or a social media account, maintain it.

TIP: If you struggle with content or just need some inspiration – check out Marketing with Meg’s monthly Esti Content Club.  Just $29/month for great targeted esthetics content including graphics, SMS and email scripts, reel examples and other trending topics. 

3. Don't Stop at Social

It doesn’t end with a website and social media. Your online presence should include these as well to get your message out and in front of your target client.  

  • Blog. Blogs are a great way to become an authority on a skin care topic. If you have an interesting treatment or some special insight, this is another way of enhancing your brand.

  • Send emails. It’s still one of the best (and easiest) ways to market to your tribe. Use email marketing to showcase your expertise, recommend products and treatments and keep clients updated on new trends.     

  • But wait – there’s more. When marketing your business, use your creativity and talent to show the world who you are and what you can do.  Consider podcasting, audio recordings, YouTube videos, webinars, how-to guides and writing eBooks and articles.




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