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Getting A Jump on Your Future While You’re Still in School

Something we get asked frequently from our students considering starting their own business after graduation is – how to “get going” on their spa business while they’re still in school. Getting a jumpstart on the future if you will – and it’s a great idea!

THE REALITY OF the esthetics INDUSTRY IS THAT building a client base and staying booked takes time.

So why not start now?

Here are a few ideas on how you can pave the way for that ultimate spa business while you’re still in school.

1. Discover your personal brand (who you are and what you stand for).

  • Declutter your social media. Clear away anything that doesn’t fit your plans for your future business or shows you in a less than professional light. If necessary, open (or shift your existing account) a new account under your business identity and the brand you’re planning to show the world.

  • Identify your style – colors, themes, fonts, and begin to put these together in line with your brand. Things like marketing materials: your business cards, treatment menus, website, Instagram theme, reels, etc. Get going now!

  • Show up every day as the professional, knowledgeable esthetician you plan to be (and are!)

2. Start a digital portfolio of your work (be sure and get written permission for client photos like before and afters) for social media and your website. Stay on track with your branding.

3. Partner with a makeup or skin care brand and get affiliate or direct sales links. You don’t need a license to sell products, and you can earn commissions.

4. Get reviews from friends and family who’ve had your treatments and ask for referrals for client services in the spa.

5. Visit places where you’d consider working and talk to the owner and staff if possible. Sometimes working for someone else is the best introduction to real world esthetics and will help you bridge the gap from student to working professional. Always keep your dream job front and center – what’s your inspired goal?

6. Find Facebook groups or other online communities to learn more and exchange ideas with other estys.

We hope you've had a great summer and look forward to connecting with you in September! Our next Open House is September 15th - come join us!


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