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Skinvestigate: Why Becoming an Esthetician in 2024 Could Be Your Winning Ticket!

Wondering what all the buzz is really all about in esthetics these days?  Have you been tossing around the notion that maybe it’s time for a new professional adventure?  Well, 2024 just might be the year of the “esty” for you! A career in esthetics is a great choice for virtually anyone. Whether you’re contemplating a big change after years in the same profession, fresh out of high school or college, and looking for a way to learn new skills that won’t land you in a sea of debt, esthetics is an exciting, always changing, and growing industry focused on helping others. Read on for more reasons why 2024 might be your year to join the ranks of successful estys everywhere and change the world one face at a time!

1. The demand for qualified estheticians just keeps growing. More than ever before, people are making skincare a priority and specialized services like lash and brow treatments, express facials, body treatments, waxing and sugaring are in high demand. Social media and beauty influencers have made a huge impact on this trend. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts the job outlook for estheticians to grow more than 10% by 2030. Professionals who bring a wide range of skills to the table have even more career opportunities.


2. Skincare is always in fashion. The basis for any beauty trend starts with healthy, glowing, skin.  Skincare is associated with total body wellness, and that equates to job security and opportunity for aspiring estheticians.


3. It’s the ultimate in flexibility and freedom. You have complete control over how you craft your career. You can choose to work for someone else or yourself.  You can work part or full time.  The options are many!


4. Esthetics is a creative outlet for your expertise and imagination. You’ll use your skills and knowledge to customize skincare for your clients that addresses their unique skin conditions and needs.  No doubt you’ll come to rely on that creative spark when it comes to your clients’ skincare challenges – and that’s the fun part.

5. You’re always learning and growing.  We are so fortunate to be a part of an industry that is always growing and changing. There are so many opportunities to advance your education as an esthetician and keep up with the latest advancements – skin care is always exciting and the more you learn the more you can earn!

6. What’s your passion?  You can make it your mission! Finding your own special niche in the skincare world feeds your personal passion and is very profitable. Specialized service opportunities continue to expand as clients are continually exposed to new trends and technologies through online searches and social media.

7. You’ll develop superpowers. The power to help others feel amazing in the skin they’re in.  When you nourish the skin, you nourish the soul.  You’ll be helping your clients feel good, which builds confidence. And that’s what we mean when we say estheticians are changing the world one face at a time!

It’s easy to learn more – contact us for a catalog, more information on class schedules and requirements, or a tour of our classrooms and clinic floors.




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