What Do You Want to Learn Today?

If you are a student of esthetics, you'll be aware that in recent years, the esthetic industry has shifted from a focus on purely pampering services to treatments that are results and wellness oriented. As clients become more exposed to health, preventative aging and product trends via the Internet and social media, it’s more and more incumbent on us as estheticians to truly be professionals – educated and prepared to answer the growing demands of today’s clients. Whether you are an esthetician in training program or already a practicing professional - you understand that learning and growing never stops. Consider the following as you walk you path and share your unique gifts with the world.

What areas of expertise are you passionate about?

That’s a perfect place to start to further your education. Are you a product junkie? Hooked on peels? Intrigued with specialty treatments? Opportunities in the industry are limitless. Position yourself as the expert in the areas of esthetics that most interest you and it won’t even seem like work! Your knowledge and experience position you to greatly enhance your value to clients in this continually changing and growing industry.

Research areas of esthetics you haven’t previously experienced for ideas on how to continue your education. The core skills you learned in training are a given, but new technology and advanced treatments require you to be knowledgeable when it comes to advanced skin care – especially when treating the “new educated client.” New rules and/or regulations imposed since the onset of the pandemic will no doubt remain in place to some degree as part of the future face of esthetics.

Opportunity is limited only by your imagination! Great esthetic instructors will always be in demand. You could be the person who trains the next generation of professionals. Skincare product companies hire estheticians for sales, marketing, and administration as well as companies that manufacture skincare equipment. Website development and writers of content marketing for the esthetic market are in great demand as well.

Stock your skills toolbox

What unique gifts do you have that are like no-one else? The world needs you! Transferrable skills are a key component for not only running your own business but also working for someone else. Take inventory of yourself and your skills. You’ll find you are so much more that simply providing a facial.

Today’s esthetician must provide excellent service, educate their client, and recommend home care advice. It’s critical you provide your client with informed, expertise. Clients can do their own research for treatments, products, and trends so you need to be ahead of the curve. Any client who feels they can DIY will also feel t