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Welcome to the Euro Institute of Skin Care!

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About Us

Annemarie Camenzind had a dream to bring her passion for holistic esthetics and carefully researched natural and organic skincare products to the United States from her native Switzerland.  She graduated from esthetics schools in London, Paris, and Sydney, Australia and was a certified instructor for the International Therapy Examinations Council (ITEC). She was the principal of the prestigious Ella Bache School of Esthetics in Australia, and an affiliate of CIDESCO.

Annemarie was an herbal enthusiast and dedicated advocate of natural health therapies. In keeping with her health-oriented skincare philosophy, she has developed a comprehensive esthetics education and training program that covers the full spectrum of methodologies and incorporates the latest in technology.

Ms. Camenzind moved to the United States in 1984 and established the Swiss Skin Care Clinic in Bellevue, WA, the first full-service European skin care facility associated with a major plastic surgery clinic in the Pacific Northwest. From there the clinic expanded to include a regional training center for licensed estheticians seeking advanced training and certification.

Find out if a career in holistic esthetics is right for you!

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