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Pineapple Peel Complexion Perfection

Summer isn’t summer without tasting all the delicious (and nutritious) fruits and vegetables we have available. Superior skin isn’t just about what we use on the outside, but also what we put inside our bodies. Multi facitated fruits, like the pineapple, can help heal and enhance our total wellness and health.

For our skin, products that contain bromelain (a powerful enzyme located inside the stem and juice of a pineapple) help to soften skin by breaking down the fats and oils that naturally occur on our face from daily wear and tear. For this reason, it is an excellent exfoliant and can help to lighten and brighten a dull complexion. Bromelain can also be used to address mild acne and break outs by helping with inflammation.

Euro Institute Clinical’s Pineapple Enzyme Peel is a perfect product for addressing many skin care concerns. This gentle exfoliating scrub blends bromelain enzymes, jojoba beads, seaweed extract, and chamomile together to offer a skin polish that can be used often and easily by most skin types. It helps to cleanse the skin, leaving it clearer and more radiant. Simply enhance your weekly skin care routine after cleansing by using this product once or twice a week, depending on your needs. You can also have it incorporated into any of our customized facials in our beautiful spa.

Versatile in nature, pineapple can help us internally as well! When ingested, pineapple is an excellent addition to any diet. It is an excellent source of immune fighters like Vitamin C. It also contains a high concentration of natural minerals like manganese and potassium. One single serving cup of pineapple has over 75% of our recommended daily allowance for these two substantial nutrients. The gentle enzymes of this fruit also aide significantly in healthy digestion – making it a perfect morning addition or mid-day snack.

Try this delicious recipe one summer morning. Combine and blend all ingredients and serve immediately for a refreshing and immunity boosting smoothie.

The Euro’s Pineapple Perfection Smoothie

1 cup fresh pineapple

½ medium frozen banana

½ cup crushed ice

½ cup Greek yogurt

1 ½ cup Coconut Milk

1 tbsp vanilla extract

Have you had a chance to try our Pineapple Peel Enzyme? What is your favorite way to enjoy pineapple?

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