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Product Spotlight: The Magic of Evening Primrose Oil

When I was little my mother would take me into her garden as dusk folded into the evening to see her fragrant evening primrose flowers open and bloom. When most other flowers are asleep, the Evening Primrose wakes – a botanical night owl you don't often see.

Herbal wisdom claims this is the reason evening primrose is such a good skincare match for mature skin, helping it to blossom and flourish in the approaching evening of life, within the natural aging process.

Highly prized by Native Americans who called it “Sun drop”, evening primrose was used to treat and heal a variety of internal and external health conditions from bruises and wounds to dry skin, skin rashes and hair loss.

For us, there are many reasons to love Evening Primrose Oil and add it to your skincare arsenal.

  1. Evening Primrose oil contains skin-friendly fatty acids. Nourishment for the skin comes in particular from its high linoleic acid content. This fatty acid helps to reduce moisture-loss from the skin and support the skin’s ability to form an effective barrier. Evening Primrose also contains oleic acid, which will soften and moisturize the skin. But the allstar fatty acid in Evening Primrose oil is Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA), which makes the skin more flexible, reduces water-loss, hydrates and repairs. Not many oils contain GLA - Evening Primrose, Borage and Hemp are among the few.

  2. It’s good for all skin types. Evening Primrose helps soothe rashy, itchy skin (it is an anti-inflammatory), scaly skin (due to linoleic acid content), dry skin (due to oleic acid content and its other saturated fatty acids), and even blemish prone or oily skin (it’s light, non-clogging and easily absorbed). In fact, Evening Primrose absorbs almost without a trace, leaving your skin soft and supple.

  3. Helps mature skin age beautifully. Evening Primrose has interesting regenerative abilities. Thanks to its GLA content it supports skin cells to absorb oxygen and to respirate more effectively. This can help improve skin tone and decrease dark shadows beneath the eyes. The oil stimulates skin cell regeneration which helping to improve skin texture, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and improve skin elasticity.

  4. Heals and regenerates. Try Evening Primrose oil in combination with Rosehip Seed Oil to help reduce the appearance and tightness of scars and to treat wounds, cuts and spots. Again, its regenerative abilities can accelerate healing as well as the growth of healthy new skin cells to smooth scar tissue away.

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