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Product Spotlight: Green Tea Cleanser

One of the amazing aspects of The Euro Institute is that we are not only a hands on learning institution and teaching facility for esthetics, but we also have an in house brand of high quality and known sourced products.

Periodically, we will be doing a Product Spotlight on our blog and Instagram to give you insight into some of the products our students use everyday ( most are available for purchase and use at home).

One of these amazing products is a simple, yet effective, cleanser we offer during every facial at the Euro Institute. As an alternative to our

(always the popular relaxing choice), we have our equally relaxing and effective Green Tea Cleanser. It has a gel like consistency and does not get that soapy feeling you find with cream cleansers.

This elegant cleanser has its roots in ancient Chinese skin care. There is evidence that Empress Wu (born February 17, 624 AD, in the Tang Dynasty) used Green tea in a mask she applied three times a day for her skin. While there have been many changes to skin care since the Tang dynasty, green tea is still a weighty ingredient.

The benefits of green tea in skin care include:

  • Powerful antioxidant – Green tea contains an antioxidant called EGCG. This helps fight free radical damage and has shown to help our DNA fight damage from UV rays in sun exposure

  • Anti Inflammatory – It also has a high content of polyphenols (naturally occurring nutrients in plants) called catechins. The catechins in green tea reduce irritation in the skin and help with puffiness

  • Caffeine – it has natural caffeine which can help shrink our blood vessels.

This mild cleanser is meant for all skin types but is highly effective for those with sensitivities and naturally occurring redness. It is gentle enough to use day and/or night and is a great start to a skin care regime.

Do you drink green tea or have you used green tea in skin care? If so, please share below!

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