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Body Treatments - Love the Skin You're In

The skin is our body’s largest organ and provides protection for our entire being. While we often concentrate on maintaining the skin on our face, the skin on our body should have equal attention. Body scrubs are an excellent way to take care of the beautiful skin we are in – it shows self care, self love, and self preservation! Body treatments are an amazing part of the Esthetician tool box. They are aimed at providing relaxation and rejuvenation and provide our client’s with a very special form of self-care.

Body scrubs are designed to address the skin renewal process and allow for better product absorption for things like tanning agents and moisturizers. Body scrubs are also helpful in detoxification and removal of oil to help for cleaner and clearer skin.

Which one is right for you?

Body Treatments usually involve a detoxification or exfoliation process followed by a non therapeutic relaxing massage. The massage is meant to relax the muscles and mind, but it can also provide hydration. The exfoliation and detoxification process addresses the skins specific needs. The scrubbing portion of a body treatment is a form of manual exfoliation and can be obtained through many means ( including but not limited to exfoliation gloves, salts, and sugars). However, each one is aimed at a specific type of skin and/or result. How do you know which one is right for you?

  • Exfoliation Gloves – This is one that anyone can benefit from. Your clinician will wear a pair of exfoliation gloves and in a precise pattern, work their way around your body removing the dead skin present at the epidermis. This particular exfoliation treatment is fantastic when performed by another person because they can be specific to areas on your body that may be hard for you to reach.

There are many types of exfoliation gloves. This process is similar to something you can do every day at home – dry brushing. Just make sure that you are always working your way towards the heart.

  • Salt Scrubs – depending on the salts used – are designed for removal and detoxification. They tend to be a bit harsher and are not ideal for sensitive skin. A large and coarse salt is mixed with moisturizing oils to helps slough and detoxify the skin, creating a smoother and fresher surface. They are excellent to use before the shower and for general upkeep. Salt Scrubs are especially nice in the winter as they can help to take off blahs and the most amount of buildup.

There are many types of salts used in a body treatment and each have a specific purpose. You want to go for high mineral content salts and make sure the oils and ingredients you combine with it are aimed at healing and moisture.

  • Sugar Scrubs - Unlike salt scrubs, sugar ones use a smaller granular to help turn the skin from dull to vibrant. Sugar scrubs are ideal for the summer because of the high amount of moisture they provide from the sugar. They are also ideal for more sensitive skin because they can be less abrasive than salt. They work perfect with heavier oils and deliver a perfect afterglow that is excellent for summer beach days!

The sugar used in a body treatment needs to be much larger than traditional granulated table sugar. You want to make sure it is organic and raw for the purest form that will offer the most benefits.

Interested in receiving a body treatment? We offer several at the Euro that incorporate hydrating moisturizers and essential oils. As we spring into April, the Euro Institute is offering our Essential Body Treatment for $40 ( regularly $55) through May 31, 2019. Contact our front desk to make your appointment today.

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