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Calmer: Cucumber Anti-Couperose Mask

Red and irritated skin requires a bit of extra attention. Immediately you want to calm and soothe stressed skin, but you you also want to make sure that you keep it hydrated while its healing. Sensitive skin can be particularly susceptible to damage and requires special attention when choosing the right products. You may want to add in a bit more hydration, and you don't want the ingredients to be too harsh. There are many reasons why the skin can be temporarily irritated and those situations can have a long term effect on the health of your skin - and how well it ages. Just as a good friend helps you in time of need, our Cucumber Anti-Couperose mask will help your skin when it needs relief from irritation and redness. It's all in the ingredients:

Organic Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera is nature's calming agent. It has natural restorative properties to help damaged tissue regenerate as well as serve as a powerful antioxidant. The heavy and gelatinous inner leaf contains natural antibacterial properties to help keep damaged skin clean and germ free and has a softening effect on the skin. It is easily absorbed and works well within this mask to provide great hydration.

Cucumber Extract

While cucumbers are mostly made up of water, they serve as a gentle way to combat wrinkles in the skin. Cucumbers contain silica which is a natural mineral used in the formation of collagen production in the body. When we apply it topically, it can help to reinforce the skin barrier. Cucumbers are a member of the melon family and contain rich antioxidants which help cell repair on compromised skin.

Yarrow Flower Extract

Yarrow flower sounds beautiful - and it is. A small white herb that has been used for centuries as a medicinal plant, yarrow extract is a potent anti-inflammatory and helps calm the skin. By adding it to this mask, we are calming any irritations to allow for healing to begin.

The mask can be used daily or twice weekly to treat and correct challenges. It is meant to calm acute inflammation and reaction while providing moisture to assist in the healing process. It's also great for sunburned skin. It should be applied liberally and can be used on the body as well as the face.

If you've used our Cucumber Anti-Couperose Mask before - let us know!

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