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EFA's - What Are They and Why You Need Them

Vitamin F? What is it?

Discovered in 1929, Vitamin F isn't what we think of when we think vitamin. It's actually a group of essential nutrients that gives skin its youthful texture and density, reduces inflammation and deeply hydrates among other things. In the world of skincare, we refer to this group as Essential Fatty Acids (EFA's). They are not manufactured by the body; they must come from outside sources such as diet or supplement.

Why are EFA's so important for managing skin concerns like anti-aging, blemish prone, sensitive and inflammation (like dermatitis and eczema)?

  1. They essentially "waterproof the skin,” maintaining the semi-impermea­bility barrier of the skin that protects from outside stressors and holds nutrients in.

  2. They act to produce prostagl­andins which regulate all cell functions.

  3. Their metabolites are also required for the structure of all cell membranes in the body.

  4. Their metabolites regulate cholesterol transport and metabolism.

EFA's help form parts of the dermal layers in the skin, as an essential ingredient called skin lipids, phospholipids also known as “polar lipids.” A good blend of EFA's work within the epidermis to increase lipid levels which helps increase skin thickness, density and fluid regulation.

One of the best choices for getting more EFA's into your skincare is Evening Primrose Oil,. It contains Gamma-Linolenic (GLA-Omega 6), Linoleic Acid (Omega 6 EFA’s) and naturally sourced vitamin E (Tocophe­rols), plus prostagl­andins (helps regulate hormonal fluctuations in menopausal women) - an excellent emollient and anti-inflammatory serum.

EFA's are especially recommended for:

  • Eczema, Psoriasis, Dermatitis, Acne

  • Aging, Dehydrated skin

  • Inflamed reactive skin

  • Regulating cell function

  • Improving the condition of hair, skin and nails

  • Addressing excessive water loss through the skin (TEWL or Trans Epidermal Water Loss)

If I had to choose one serum to take with me on my trip to a desert island, I'd pick Evening Primrose Oil in a New York minute.

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