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Toner Myths

Think toners are just for oily skin? Or that they really don’t deliver any noticeable results? Think again. Here’s our Euro debunking attempt at toner myths.

MYTH: Toners Are Only Useful for Oily or Blemish Prone Skin

At the Euro Institute we teach our students that a toner has two main functions. The first is to remove any excess oil or impurities that cleansing may have missed, and then to help restore your skin to a healthy pH level. Starting with a clean, balanced and level playing field helps the skincare steps to follow deliver better results.

Certain toners are formulated with ingredients best-suited for oily or problem skin, (like our Euro Botanicals Aloe Salicylic Toner) and there are options for other skin conditions - normal, dry and sensitive (Aloe Lavender, Aloe Rose and our Hydrating Marine Toners). Choose the one that addresses your skin concerns, bearing in mind that the skin is always undergoing changes from environmental stressors, diet, hormonal and seasonal changes.

MYTH: Toners Can Be Used in Place of a Cleanser

Toners can be used AFTER cleansing to remove any residual product or residue from the skin but they’re not a replacement for a cleanse. Toners aren’t formulated to thoroughly cleanse, remove dirt, makeup and impurities.

MYTH: Toners Don’t Provide Real Results

Toners don’t contain concentrated ingredients, like serums, that deeply penetrate the skin for major repair and replenishment. They may not be as glamorous, but ingredients like AHAs (glycolic) or BHAs (salicylic) help exfoliate and eliminate the appearance of dull, cloudy looking skin while other ingredients (like aloe, lavender, and marine algae) soothe and soften, preparing the skin for the next step in your routine.

MYTH: All Toners Are Astringents

The days of serious witch hazel and alcohol-based toners is long past. The word “toner” is no longer synonymous with astringent. The idea behind astringent toners was that they were removing excess oil from the skin and “shrinking pores”, but they were very drying. Today’s toners balance the skin’s sebum levels but are also hydrating and soothing. Our Aloe Salicylic Toner is buffered and very gentle to the skin, removing dirt, oil and debris without dryness or irritation. All our toners are alcohol free.

MYTH: There’s a Right Way to Apply Toner

You can apply your toner with a cotton round, or mist onto the skin – whatever your personal preference or what feels right for your skin. Use after cleansing – morning and evening – for best results. During warm summer months, pour your favorite toner into a mister and keep in the fridge for a cooling facial pick me up.

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