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5 Things We Love About Being an Esthetician

There are so many reasons why we love esthetics! Here are 5 of our top reasons.

1. Educating others about skin care

You’d be surprised at how many people don’t realize how important it is to take care of their skin! After all it is the largest organ in the human body. Helping them understand the skin they are in and how to treat it is incredibly rewarding.

2. It’s personally rewarding. Helping our clients look great makes them feel great – it’s a confidence and happiness booster rolled into one. And that makes us feel good which is a win-win for all! Estheticians provide care to clients who have persistent or chronic skin problems and give them not only the help they need, but hope.

3. We know how to properly take care of our own skin.

As an esthetician, you know what it takes to look after your own skin health – and you’re always learning about new techniques and skincare ingredients.

4. We’re part of an exciting and continually changing industry.

The field of esthetics is always changing. With breakthroughs and advancements happening frequently, there’s always more to learn. Industry books and magazines, trade shows, blogs, websites, online classes, and webinars provide limitless opportunities to learn. Esthetics is progressing at a rapid pace, so continuing education is a must! We feel fortunate to be part of this ever-changing, growing industry – it’s very exciting!

5. We’re always inspired, never bored – every day is different!

If variety is the spice of life – welcome to the “flavor filled” world of esthetics! Your days are almost never the same – and even your regular clients will present different skin conditions from one treatment to the next. Every client has different skin concerns and no two skins are alike. It’s the uniqueness of these experiences that make our profession so rewarding.

Our instructors and staff love what they do, and we believe passionately that being an esthetician helps transform the world around us - one face at a time. We truly love how we give back to our community and how we help our clients be their own special beautiful from the inside out.

Btw, according to Google – “estheticians enjoy one of the highest job satisfaction rates in America.”


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