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7 Reasons Why Becoming an Esthetician is Totally Worth It

Becoming an esthetician is a unique and rewarding career choice for just about for anyone, whether you are pursuing your passion after years doing something else, fresh out of high school, or fulfilling a long held desire to dig more than skin deep into esthetics.  There are so many benefits to starting a career in esthetics. Being an esthetician helps you form close relationships with your clients as you help them develop better skin health and confidence. The world of skincare is never boring! You’ll have endless opportunities to learn and expand your expertise.


Read on for 7 reasons why we think pursuing your esthetics certification is totally worth it!


  1. Skincare is always in style. Beauty trends may come and go but the bottom line is excellent skin health. Glowing, healthy, radiant skin will never be out of fashion, and this means job security (and growth) for skincare pros.

  2. The demand for estheticians is growing – fast.  More and more people are making skincare a priority these days – from anti-aging treatments, to treating acne, sensitive skin issues, and men’s skincare. The future’s bright (get your shades ready) for estheticians and will continue to be.

  3. Esthetics is a flexible and varied career choice. You’ll find estheticians everywhere – at medi spa’s, resorts, lash studios, waxing and brow & lash bars, medical practices, or working solo. You can choose to work for someone else or start your own business. The limit is only what you can imagine yourself doing.

  4. Estheticians have superpowers! (kind of). But you do possess the power to help people feel confident by improving their skin health and appearance. (Think chemical peels, microdermabrasion, microneedling, and dermaplaning.) When you love the skin you’re in it’s hard to not feel great. And that’s a pretty amazing power to have.

  5. Esthetics is a creative outlet. Prepare to unleash those creative powers as you use your skills and knowledge to create custom skincare for your clients that address their unique issues and needs. And there will be times when your creativity will come in handy to help you solve challenging skin concerns. That makes your job all the more satisfying!

  6. You will be ABL. (always be learning).  Our industry is constantly changing and evolving. Advancements in skincare technologies and new products and treatments means there is always something new to learn - and the more you learn the more you can earn. Offering the latest products and treatments is a great way to bring new clients to you to build your business.

  7. It’s a fast-tracked and focused education. At the Euro Institute, our curriculum is laser focused to give you the knowledge, practice, and skills needed to succeed and thrive as an esthetician. There’s no fluff  - everything you’ll learn is directly related to the expertise you’ll need to excel as a skincare pro. Full time classes can be completed in as little as 7 months; part-time options vary in length up to 1 year.


We’re working hard to change the world one face at a time. As you consider a career in skincare, we encourage you to ask yourself: What difference can I make in the world?

Our training programs are designed to educate, practice, and teach our students the professional expertise needed to succeed and thrive as an esthetician. Our faculty and spa clinic reflect a world of industry knowledge and holistic treatments and practices. At the Euro Institute you will develop the strength, skills, and confidence to become an in demand licensed professional and be ready to build a successful career with passion and purpose.



The Euro Institute of Skin Care offers premier holistic esthetics training for aspiring estheticians who want more than the minimum for their education. Take the first step toward a new career in the exciting world of skincare and schedule a tour of our facilities or attend one of our monthly Open House events.

We are located at 10904 SE Petrovitsky Road, Renton, WA.

Contact our Director of Admissions at 425-255-8400 or email us for a course catalog or to reserve a seat at an Open House event.



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