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How to Create a Killer Esthetician Bio

You say aesthetician, I say esthetician: the fact is, regardless of how you spell it, one thing everyone needs is a killer bio! Whether you’re a student or accomplished professional, a great bio is important for your esthetics career. So, what does it take to craft a cool bio that says WOW? Check out our 5 tips to give you some inspiration and get your creativity flowing.

Why do I need a bio?

Good question. Your bio not only tells your readers (visiting your website or in your marketing materials) or a prospective employer who you are and what you do; it engages them and makes them want to know more about you. A good esthetician bio should be used throughout your marketing – social media, website, printed materials including your treatment menu and email campaigns.

In a nutshell, your bio is a story about your life as it relates to your profession. It’s a little like a resume, but instead of listing your specific skills and work experience, it weaves those things into an engaging, easy to read brief highlighting your objectives and showcasing your brand identity.

Your bio is the first impression you make on your clients before they meet you, talk to you on the phone or via virtual consult or book an appointment. It’s critical you deliver a powerful impact to get and keep their attention.

Crafting Your Esthetician Bio: 5 Tips

1. The 3 P’s: Positive, Passionate, Professional. Keep it light and engaging (but professional) – like you are having a conversation with the reader.

2. Get Personal: Add something about you that isn’t specifically esthetics related. Are you a vulture for culture? Do you love to travel or garden? Adding something about you makes you more relatable and approachable.

3. Vary the Length: The length of your bio will vary depending on whether you use it for social media, your website, a blurb at the end of a guest blog or podcast, or an email or letter. It’s recommended to have a few different bio examples on hand that you can quickly customize to fit the situation.

4. Edit, Edit, Edit: Proofreading seems to be a vanishing art these days. We find spelling and grammar errors everywhere from newsfeeds to eBooks and blog posts. Nothing turns readers off more quickly than misspelled words and poor basic sentence structure. Use spell check, grammar check, and/or have someone else proof your bio for accuracy and clarity.

5. Hire a pro: If you feel you just don’t have the talent (or desire) to write your own bio, or your need a second opinion, reach out to family, friends or colleagues with great writing skills or try a freelance service like Fivver (or see resources below).

To recap:

· Remember the 3 P’s – be passionate, positive, and professional.

· Write clearly and concisely and use editing software like spell and grammar check or another “eye” to help you proofread your bio.

· Highlight your education, your accomplishments, specialties, and something personal about you that would interest your readers.

Make a point to research other esthetician bios on the web for ideas. Look for story form that covers background and credentials as well as their goals and what they do to help their clients achieve their goals.

A couple that we like:

J Lounge, Boulder, CO :

Spa Noir, Seattle, WA:

The Skin & Body Spa, Nashua, NH:

Resource for writing an Instagram bio: Instagram Bio Basics for Esti’s: Marketing with Meg

Information on how to write a great esthetician bio:


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