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Still Undecided About a Career in Esthetics? Ask More Questions!

Still undecided on if esthetics is right for you. Ask more questions, get answers, compile your research, and you’ll be confident to make your decision!

Am I passionate (enough) about skincare? The esthetics and beauty industry is about one thing – service. Genuinely caring about others and focusing on their well-being is a must. Being a team player and working with a variety of skin conditions (and personalities) means you won’t be bored, but you must be someone who can handle the job with professionalism and empathy.

Can I handle the beauty industry challenge? This question walks hand in hand with question #1. It’s a service business – and there’s no such thing as a bad day when you’re dealing with your clients. Leaving your problems, negative feelings and attitudes outside the spa is imperative for you to provide the best care for your clients. If you always put your clients first and give them exceptional service, you’ll be rewarded with a happy client who will then send you more happy clients – and that can really turn your day around.

How does the curriculum go beyond the basic state requirements? Passing the state licensure test is essential and important. Just as important as the state license is proper preparation for a future career in the beauty industry. At the Euro Institute, our curriculum is continually updated to include the latest treatments and cutting-edge equipment. In addition, we offer a range of holistic esthetic classes in keeping with our whole body-mind philosophy begun by our founder and industry pioneer, Anne Marie Camenzind.

How much hands-on practice will I get with real clients? The Euro Institute trains with both mannequins and lots of clinic floor time – both student/student and student/salon clients. You will perform all treatments on real clients in a real clinic setting to hone your skills and get you ready for the real world.

How many students are in each class? The student/teacher ratio gives you an idea of how much one on one attention you can expect to receive. Talk to the Admissions Director, or schedule time to speak with the school’s instructors to find out how class is structured and class size. At the Euro, our class size is limited to a maximum of 20 students per instructor.

What’s included in the student kit? Most schools provide their students with a personal kit containing tools and textbooks necessary to facilitate their education. Be sure to find out whether the school’s kit is included in the tuition. Make sure you understand the value you’re getting when you enroll. To see our student kit, click here.

What is the success rate for passing the state boards for graduates of the school? A high licensure rate probably correlates with a strong school academic program. How does the school help you prepare to pass the boards? We provide a complete practice kit for students to use before and during the practical exam. Talk to our Admissions Director about our test passing statistics.

The best way to understand a school is to visit! Make an appointment to tour our facility and meet the Euro family!


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