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The 5 "Be's" for Getting the Most Out of Your Esthetics School Experience

Congratulations! You’re investing in your future with an exciting new career helping people be their most beautiful and confident selves. It’s exciting and a little nerve wracking!

Here are some tips to help you make the most of your learning experience!

1. Be on Time. It may seem like being just a few minutes late isn’t a big deal. But minutes missed add up over the course of your studies and can amount to a lot of missed education. Chronic tardiness also makes a not so good impression on your instructors, fellow students, and definitely on employers and clients! So get ready, set your alarm a little early, and show everyone you care, by showing up on time.

2. Be Organized. Between classes, practicing your skills on the floor, studying for exams, responsibilities at home, and possibly working as well, the adult student experience is a lot to manage. Staying organized is the difference between average and great performance. Use your phone calendar to add tasks and events, or buy a paper scheduler, if you’re more in tune with the tactile. Check your schedule every day to prepare for upcoming activities. Schedule in some down-time for recharging yourself. Also, organize your student kit in whatever way works best for you.

3. Be Prepared. If you work while attending school, communicate regularly with your employer and school administrators, to avoid possible schedule conflicts. If you commute to work and/or school or use public transportation, plan the most efficient route, and allow for traffic. Make sure you have your kit and that it’s well organized. Plan your budget to ensure you have the cash on hand for incidentals you may need during the day. Keep up with your studies for upcoming class sessions.

4. Be Persistent and Practice. Successful estheticians learn, practice, and persist to build their skills and confidence. At first, it may seem daunting trying to integrate your knowledge with all the steps involved in treatments. Practicing on the clinic floor with spa clients and other students is the best way to process and gain confidence, speed, and agility. Devote as much time as you can to practicing and don’t give up! Persistence is the key. You’ll thank yourself when you go for your state practical test and when you take those first steps into the working world. Take advantage of all the extra learning opportunities you can! Practice on friends and family. Attend online webinars and workshops. The more you immerse yourself in all the aspects of our industry, the better able you’ll be to meet challenges in class and on the floor.

5. Be Ok That You’ll Make Mistakes Even the world’s greatest estheticians make mistakes. To develop new skills and learn from your experiences, you’ve got to expect to make a few mistakes. We all have our stories! Nobody expects perfection, and mistakes are opportunities for growth. Don’t let the fear of mistakes intimidate you from trying new things.

And a bonus tip. . .

Be respectful & have fun!

Esthetics training is rewarding, exciting, and challenging – in other words, it’s not easy. Regardless of what you think going in, this is a unique experience, and there will be days when stress or fatigue will tempt you to let a negative mood or emotion affect you and those around you. Remember this is good training too! You are training for a helping profession where you’ll be working with all kinds of clients.

Professionalism and positivity are at the heart of what you do! Make it a point to treat everyone at school with kindness and respect, like you would want to be treated. Nothing will prepare you more for interacting with clients and employers as you move forward in your career.

Last but NEVER least – have some fun! Experimenting with new skincare products and treatment modalities, making new acquaintances and friends, and learning from instructors, guest lecturers and field trips is what it’s all about. What we hear most from our students? They can’t believe how fast their training flies by! Many of our students make friendships that last for many years after school is over. So, relax, stay focused and above all - enjoy the journey!

There's so much more to esthetics - come visit us, book a spa treatment, take a tour!


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