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4 Reasons Why Your Serum Might Not Be Working Effectively

Are you getting the maximum benefit from your serum? Serums can be a transforming skincare product – and one we highly recommend as a major player in your skincare routine. Serums can help you achieve your skin care goals, but you do have to use them properly. We've identified 4 reasons why your serum might not be working as effectively as it could be.

1. Not exfoliating

A regular routine of gentle exfoliation between one and three times a week is essential for healthy skin. It helps remove dead skin cells and surface skin debris which preps the skin for better penetration of products. And that means better results.

2. Applying products in the wrong order

We’ve said it before but can’t say it enough – order matters! Begin with cleansing, then exfoliation if needed, toner and then serum application. The order creates an optimum environment for products to work in tandem with each other for maximum benefit.

3. Using the wrong application techniques

Apply serum gently (using a patting motion). Our natural tendency is to rub or massage the product into the skin which can transfer more product to your hands than your face! Use an upward motion with the hands, with light pressure.

4. Mixing ingredients that aren’t compatible

Simple is better in this case. Using several products simultaneously may irritate your skin and reduce or negate the benefits of the product. Mixing products that are incompatible can cause redness, stinging, flakiness, or excessive dryness, making the skin condition more noticeable instead of less.

Too much layering limits each product’s optimal function so choose one serum that targets a specific concern and observe your skin over time (a week or two) for the results.


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