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5 Skills Every Successful Esty Needs

One of the most often asked questions we hear: What kind of skills do I need to be a good esthetician? The first thing we’d ask you is – are you passionate about helping other people look and feel good from the inside out? Do you enjoy learning? And here are a few others to consider.

1. Be a Good Communicator

A huge part of communicating with your clients is actually just listening! Actively listening to what they want (and think they need) and letting them know in a positive and caring way that they are heard is extremely important. When your clients feel understood and respected, they’ll keep returning to you.

2. It’s All in the Details

An esthetician must be detail oriented, efficient and observant. Asking questions, observing the skin condition at the time of your client’s treatment, and keeping good records on past visits puts you in the best position to customize their treatment for maximum results.

3. Show Versatility

The more you know, the more value you add to your job – whether you work for yourself or someone else. Choose the services and treatments that interest you the most and learn as much as you can. Get proficient in a variety of services – like waxing, lash enhancements, body wraps, peels, or treatments for certain conditions like blemish-prone or mature skins.

4. Mind Your Business

It’s not enough to be good at what you do. You need to have a good command of the business of beauty – educating your clients on the best products and services for their needs, always maintaining a professional demeanor and attitude, and having a working knowledge of what it takes to run the business you are in. This is true whether you work for yourself or for someone else.

5. Be Creative

Think outside the box, color outside the lines, however you want to put it, creativity is at the heart of a successful esthetics career. How do you want to be seen? What are your interests? What do you bring to this profession that is uniquely you? Every one of us is born with our own unique gifts and perspectives. And there are clients out there who want and need what only you can give them. Don’t be afraid to let your personal flag fly and create experiences for your clients they can’t find anywhere else.

Our next Open House is June 15th, but you don’t have to wait till then to visit us! Contact Admissions and schedule a tour, ask questions, and get a catalog. We'd love to meet you!


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