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5 Spring Skincare Switch Ups

Spring is in sight and we’re ready to exchange heavy jackets and sweaters for lighter layers. And that goes for our skincare routines.

Warmer weather means less drier skin so lighter-weight products can in most cases keep the skin hydrated and nourished.

Obviously, this depends to some extent on the climate where you live so do continue to prioritize moisturizing.

Depending on where you live spring can be rainy and/or humid, or the sun is strong and winter dryness continues. The only way to predict the weather forecast is to assume temperatures will be unpredictable and prepare for whatever impact it will have on your skin. These 5 skincare switch ups are recommended to keep you the glow-getter you are:

1. Sunscreen: You guessed it. It is important all year round on sunny and not so sunny days. But as the weather gets warmer it is even more important to protect your skin in spring since you’ll no doubt be spending more time outdoors. Use SPF 30 or higher.

2. Switch Up Your Routine: Winter is the time to manage skin photo damage, one of the best ingredients for that being retinol. During spring and summer, try switching out retinol for an AHA glycolic acid product along with an appropriate serum. And of course, hyaluronic acid morning and evening is always a good idea.

3. Stop slugging: If you’ve been a fan of slugging during winter (the skincare trend that involves layering your face with petroleum jelly as the last step of your evening skin care routine to moisturize and lock in your other skincare products.) it may be time to hit the pause button and switch to a lighter moisturizer.

4. Go Easy on Eye Cream: Spring is seasonal allergy prime time. If you have allergies, or tend to experience discomfort from pollen, switch up your heavier eye cream for something lighter like a gel or apply a cooling eye mask to help decrease inflammation.

5. Clean Out the Cabinet: While you’re taking stock of your spring and summer wardrobe and shelving the winter threads, do the same with your skincare products as well. Make sure the products aren’t expired or have been open past the recommended date on the container – especially jars. While you’re at it, clean your makeup brushes, sponges and applicators.


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