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5 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Esthetics School

Designing the perfect esthetic education experience is something you’ll want to research carefully. Every student has different interests, objectives and learning styles. And while there are obvious factors to consider for all schools – such as location, length of training and cost, - there are other things you’ll want to consider to create an optimal educational experience. The following are 5 important (we believe) elements you want to evaluate when making your school choice.

Reputation: Do your research. Check online reviews, ask current and former students, and see who spas, medi-spas, and doctor’s offices are hiring. The beauty biz is a somewhat tight community, and you’ll get good feedback from management and staff that are already working. How long has the school been in operation? Do they have a mission statement? That can tell you a lot about the type of education offered. (Here’s where we pat ourselves on the back a bit – Euro Institute graduates are in demand with local area spa businesses. Really!) A good school with a solid reputation is a foundational jumping off point as you begin your esthetics career.

Curriculum: This almost goes without saying – a well-balanced, diversified curriculum is critical to your success as an esthetician. Does the school teach directly from state approved materials or do they offer their own in addition (We do!) What guest lecturers, workshops, or optional elective training is available? How does what you learn in the classroom apply in terms of real-world experience? (See Practical Application). Do they work with a product line (we have our own signature line of products, many of which are formulated right here in our lab.)? A school’s curriculum and resources should include your interests, as well as expose you to different facets of the industry.

Staff: You can tell a lot about a school by the people who work there. They are your instructors, mentors, advisors, and friends! How well does the Admissions Team address your questions and make you feel welcome at an Open House or facility tour? Are the support staff helpful and friendly? Check out the instructor profiles and their experience and education. As a student will you be taught by a single instructor or is the class shared by more than one? Do instructors teach advanced or elective classes as well? (Check out our instructor bio’s)

Practical Application: Not all esthetics schools have a clinic floor/working spa within the school so students gain real time experience and practice on real clients. (Come visit us and check out our 2 separate clinic floors). Schedule a tour of the school facility and try a spa treatment. Chat with your student esthetician. Ask them why they chose this program and what they like or dislike, Observe the spa for cleanliness, set up, availability of different treatment modalities and supplies. Get a copy of the treatment menu. Are these treatments you’re interested in learning and someday performing? Reserve a seat at the school’s Open House for an in-depth presentation, opportunity to ask questions and see the classrooms, breakrooms, and spa/product areas. See the whole picture! (Our next Open House is June 10th – contact Admissions to reserve your seat).

Advanced Coursework/Certifications: What does the school offer for coursework beyond the state requirements? Additional advanced classes build your skillset and make you more valuable to employers. (Michelle Estes, our Director is always researching the latest trends in esthetics and has added new treatments and classes every year for the past 10 years.) Estheticians need to consistently pursue continued education, as our business is constantly changing. The right school can make that easier. Research certifications offered at schools you’re considering and what advanced training they offer to current students and graduates.


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