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7 Tips for Skincare Sparkle & Glow All Holiday Season!

Whether it’s stress from trying to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list, later than usual evenings at holiday parties, or just food and drink overload – the holidays can wreak a little chaos on your skin. The good news is that maintaining a decent skincare routine can help head off any skincare problems before they snowball (pun intended!). Read on for our 7 tips to keep your skin sparkling and glowing right on into the New Year and beyond!

1. Cleanse Your Skin Daily. No exceptions (too late, too tired, too busy). Morning you can go lighter as long as you’ve cleansed the night before. Try our AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser for gently removing dead surface skin cells. Gentle Green Tea Cleanser or Moor Lavender Cleanser cleanse without drying and reduce the possibility of skin irritation.

Tip: Remove your makeup before going to bed no matter what! This is a must do.

2. Use serums and facial mists. Boost your skin’s overall hydration, spritz on a refreshing mist (try our Citrus Freshener) to revive tired skin, and target your unique skin concerns with serums. Hyaluronic Acid Serum helps the skin retain moisture and is good for all skin types and conditions. Our newest addition – Floral Face Milk – is a gently, lightweight serum to add extra hydration under your moisturizer. There’s Hydro Collagen, Herbal Complex, Renewal, Evening Primrose Oil, and Multi Fruit Hydration Gel – your skin, your choice!

3. Enjoy a mask break. Take some time out to pamper yourself with a facial mask and a cup of hot tea. A mask break is a great way to unwind and diffuse the holiday hectic. Our sheet masks are quick and easy to apply. Mix our Oat Enzyme Mask with a bit of Aloe Vera Gel and water and soothe dry, irritated or sensitive winter skin. There’s cooling Cucumber Anti-Couperose Mask to soothe redness, PhytoVit Antioxidant Mask for a creamy hydration booster and Advanced Peptide Mask with intense hydrating and skin conditioning properties, including minimizing appearance of fine lines.

4. Brighten up with Vitamin C. Stop dull, fatigued skin in its tracks and boost your skin radiance during the holidays with a daily dose of Vitamin C. We like our Vitamin C Serum to help protect skin from free radical damage and brighten the skin.

5. Stay Hydrated. Dry winter air, indoor heating, stress, inadequate sleep, and alcohol/caffeine can take a toll on your precious skin. Drink your water! It’s not just a summer thing. This time of year, your skin may need a more occlusive moisturizer to add hydration. Advanced Moisture and Super Emollient Crème can be used day or night for intense moisturizing and protection. Non-greasy formula leaves skin soft and smooth.

6. Don’t forget your lip balm! Keep one in your purse, your desk, your nightstand, your kitchen to fight dry, chapped lips. Our Lip balms are formulated with emollient rich shea butter which contains high levels of oleic, linoleic, and stearic acids to help moisturize and reduce inflammation.

7. Give your skin a detox refresher. Help reverse the effects of late nights and holiday indulgences with a face mask formulated with detoxifying ingredients like our Moor Mud Face & Body or Moor Multi Fruit Face & Body masks. The naturally detoxifying Heilmoor Clay found in these products is a powerful toxin remover, purifies, tones, reduces inflammation and revitalizes the skin. Multi-Fruit contains blue green algae and New Zealand mamaku fern to promote cell turnover, reduce inflammation and firm the skin.


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