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How Do You Layer Your Products? It's a Piece of Cake

We hear it often. "Do I use my serum before or after toning? "What goes on first?" We get it; it can get confusing. You cleanse with your face cleanser, then apply toner - then…what? Does it matter if that anti-aging serum goes on before the moisturizer? As it turns out, it does.

Daily - Morning

The general rule is: start with the lightest products, end with heavier ones. It makes sense doesn't it? If you layer on an occlusive moisturizer, your serum won't be able to penetrate the skin beneath. Allow each layer to absorb before moving on to the next. Give the product time to deliver its specific benefits between each layer.

After cleansing and toning, begin with your serum. They contain the "actives" and very concentrated ingredients. It will also increase the effectiveness of your other products.

Next, target any special areas of concern. Apply any topical prescriptions you are using, or products intended to treat hyperpigmentation. Apply eye cream or gel if you're using it.

After spot treatment, apply any product that you use "all over" such as a blemish or oil control treatment, facial oil or antioxidant treatment.

Your moisturizer helps seal in all your other products and protects. Try one that contains SPF as well (you are using your SPF aren't you?) to help protect against the UV rays. If your moisturizer doesn't contain an SPF, you'll need to layer one on last (preferably SPF 30 or higher).

Daily - Evening

Nighttime is basically the same routine, but since you're probably using different or stronger products at night, you may need to tweak things a bit.

Retinol, Prescription Product or Serum

If you use Vitamin A (Retinol) it should be applied directly to the skin to be effective. Never apply them on top of any other product. After cleansing, apply a pea-size amount of retinol to your entire face, a quarter of a pea in each quadrant of the face and massage into the skin.

If your skin requires a different prescription treatment, apply that product. If you’re not using retinol or a topical prescription, use whatever serum you have (our Vitamin C or Hydro Collagen Serum are good choices) or use a light facial oil like our Hemp Oils or Evening Primrose.

After that and before applying your night moisturizer, apply a hydrating eye cream. Our Eye Cream contains rich, moisturizing shea butter - perfect!

Lastly, apply a moisturizer that is thicker than your day cream (which will also help with potential retinol irritation). If your skin is blemish prone or oily, use a lighter lotion based product (like our Marine Hydration Creme) which is less occlusive.

And there you have it! Perform your skin care regimen like a pro!


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