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Seasonal Skin Changes: 5 Skincare Shifts for Fall (6 if you include making your spa appointment!)

The change of seasons usually brings a multitude of skincare blog posts on switching up your routine (and products). But why is it important to change your skincare as the seasons change?

The skin, as the largest and most exposed organ in the body, is always vulnerable to the environment, which changes with the seasons. The water (or lack of it) present in the air affects your skin’s hydration levels. For example, humid climates will be easier on skin in terms of fullness and softness. Drier climates have more dehydrating effects which can increase the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and rough texture.

As each season’s weather conditions shift, the skin must adapt to those changes. Summer skin is exposed to more sun, irritation from pool chemicals and salt water, air conditioning and increased sweating from warmer temperatures. Fall brings colder weather, wind, storms and temperature variations from cooler to warmer and back again. It’s our job to help our skin transition as healthfully as possible, by making shifts in the way we care for it. The following are our recommendations for keeping your skin happy as we transition into fall and winter.

The skin loses moisture as the air gets drier and the temps get cooler in autumn. It’s time to switch up lighter summer cleansers for more moisture. Euro Botanicals Moor Lavender Cleansing Crème or lotion based, gentle Green Tea Cleanser cleanse skin without leaving it feeling dry or tight.

Fall is a great time to develop an exfoliation routine if you don’t have one already. With less time in the sun and heading into the fall season where environmental factors (wind, rain, and shifting temperatures) shift into high gear, it’s time to slough off the remnants of summer skin. If you’re not used to exfoliating, begin slowly with a gentle product – like our Enzyme Peeling Crème or Pineapple Gel. Start with once a week and work up to 2-3 if your skin tolerates it well. Don’t forget your lips! Exfoliate chapped, flaky lips with our Sugar Lip Scrub and finish off with a hydrating Lip Balm.

The cumulative effects of summer sun, chlorine, salt, and sweat means your skin needs a little switched up TLC when fall rolls around. Try a serum! Hydro Collagen Serum provides a hydrolyzed collagen boost to help increase the skin's hydration levels and works well with all skin types. In need of something more hydrating? Renewal Serum or Evening Primrose Oil provides nourishment with rich facial oils. And Vitamin C serum is the perfect go-to for all skin types with antioxidant protection and brightening properties.

Now’s the time to help build and protect the skin barrier in preparation for winter’s chill. Go a little heavier with your moisturizer. If you prefer going lighter during the day, choose a richer formulation for night wear – Super Emollient or Advanced Moisture Crème are good choices that hydrate without any greasy feel.

You won’t regret adding this step to your fall and winter skincare regimen. A hydrating cream mask like PhytoVit Antioxidant contains humectants to help keep moisture in. And Oat Enzyme Mask delivers immediate relief from irritation and redness with beta glucans which calm, soothe, and help prevent moisture loss. It is the perfect antidote for sensitive skin irritation and breakouts.

Caveat: Make changes gradually. Your skin needs time to adapt to changes in your routine or products. It will take at least 2 weeks to see changes or decide it’s not working. If you change products, begin with one product at a time, then add another after a week or so. Again, the skin needs time to adapt. For example, switch up your cleanser, observe your skin for a week before adding a new toner or serum.

The Euro’s 3 keys to glowing fall skin?

1. Observe how your skin handles seasonal changes

2. Note how your skin looks and feels throughout the day

3. Use that information to adapt your skincare routine and/or products to address what your skin needs right now.

And we would add a 4thMake an appointment to see your esthetician! Our students and instructors can customize a facial for your individual needs and recommend products from our signature line of natural skincare.

We love our clients!


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