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Sheet Masks are Coming to the Euro

The Euro Institute is closed for summer break (August 23-29) but we'll be rested and ready to bring you the best of fall skincare very soon! We are adding sheet masks to our product line this fall and more treatment options for our students to learn and our clients to enjoy - so stay tuned.

Sheet masks are an extremely popular trend in proactive skin care treatment, for both at-home and professional use. According to a new market report published by Transparency Market Research, the global sheet face mask market is expected to reach a value of $551.3 million by 2026.

Sheet masks provide some of the great benefits of full facial treatments - at home! The mask is presaturated with active skincare ingredients to provide exceptional results. Sheet masks are easy enough for anyone to apply, yet potent enough for the skin care aficionado, making them a great skin care tool to address many different skin concerns.

Additional Benefits of Using Sheet Masks

• Results—Sheet masks are presoaked in a serum that contains various beneficial ingredients to target specific skin concerns. The serum provides the skin care ingredients and the cloth layer of the mask ensures that the formula doesn’t evaporate throughout the time of application.

• No mess—No wiping or rinsing is needed. Any excess serum left over can be massaged into the skin.

• Better hygiene—Individually packaged masks mean there’s no risk of contamination.

• Ease and accessibility—Sheet masks are easy enough for anyone to apply and dispose of - no cleanup!

We look forward to seeing you after the break! Thank you for being a Euro supporter!


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