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What’s Important to You? Tips on Choosing the Right Esthetics School

There are many options out there when it comes to choosing just the right school for your esthetics training. Every school is as different as every student. To make sure you find the absolute best fit for you, interview the schools you’re considering and ask LOTS of questions. Here are a few things to think about to get you started.

Make a list. Preferably in order of importance. Is affordability important to you? Should your choice offer financial aid? What about job assistance after graduation? Are there certain skills you particularly want to learn, if so, does the school offer them? Your best choice should be able to check off almost all the boxes on your list.

Take a tour. You shouldn’t make any decisions until you see the school(s) facility – don’t just check out the website! Talk to the Admissions Director and make time to meet in person. You’ll learn so much more about what you’re getting into – like what your commute will be, what the classrooms and clinic floor look like, and what student facilities are available (lunchrooms, study, and reception areas, etc.) What’s the overall feeling you get from the school’s atmosphere? Do the students seem engaged? Your education will be anywhere from 6 months to a year, so it’s important you feel your choice fits your learning style and personality.

Discuss financing. For many students, tuition is a major factor in their school choice decision, so be sure to go over everything with Admissions – tuition cost, payment plans, financial aid, scholarships. Which brings us to our next tip. . .

Ask questions. Write them down if need be – come prepared! For example, what is maximum class size? How much time is spent practicing on the clinic floor? What is the makeup hours policy? Dress code? Graduation requirements? Is there a discount for students purchasing skincare products (if the school offers these)?

Choose the class schedule that fits your lifestyle. If you are working part or full time or have a family, it will affect when you can attend classes. The Euro offers both part- or full-time day classes and part-time evening classes to fit a variety of schedules. Make no mistake, becoming an esthetician takes patience and commitment – it is a lot of work!

Find out about the instructors. Your instructor’s teaching style will definitely be an influence on your school experience. Find out about the school’s instructors – their experience in and out of the classroom, how long they have been in esthetics, and what their specialties are. Ask about the instructor-student ratios. Is one-on-one time with an instructor part of the program? Read their bios on the company website, and make time to tour the school and see them teaching in the classroom or clinic floor setting if possible.

What is the school’s reputation? Online reviews, word of mouth referrals, past student experiences – learn as much as you can about the schools you’re considering and their reputation in the community. Talk to spa clients (if the school has an open to the public clinic floor for spa appointments – we do!) and take note of their comments on their experience. A school’s reputation is important. It influences the way prospective employers and potential clients view you – so consider carefully.

Are you ready? Look at all your options, evaluate carefully and choose the school that is the absolute best fit for you. If you’d like to find out more about the Euro Institute, we’re here to answer your questions! Contact us for more information and a school catalog.


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