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WWED - What Would Estheticians Do?

Estheticians spend many hours working up close and personal with their client’s skin, treating and recommending skincare products and tips. Here at the Euro, we’re often asked if we really take the advice we give to our clients. What skincare rules do we (almost) always follow?

We exfoliate. For a clear, healthy glow you’ve got to remove dead skin cell debris and allow for cell turnover, especially as you age. Peels are the key (and as it happens – it’s peel season! All our peels are 20% off this month – make an appointment.)

We always cleanse. Just do it – morning and night. It’s not as important how you do it, it’s that you do it. What you use depends on your skin type and lifestyle. There are creamy cleansers, lotions, exfoliating, gel, micellar, and facial cleansing oils. Cleansing levels the playing field; it all starts there.

We keep our skin hydrated. In other words, moisturize. By now, you should know that moisturizing is critical. Your skin will let you know what it needs – it can vary by season, your health, diet, and environmental factors. The skin is always undergoing changes. Looking for an all-around great moisturizer that’s perfect for most skin types? Try our Marine Hydration Crème (it’s 20% off now till Thanksgiving).

We apply our products in order. Order matters. You’ll never achieve the results you’re after if you don’t apply skincare products in the proper order. Cleanse – tone – apply serum – then moisturizer and/or SPF. Serums always come before moisturizers because they are specifically targeted with higher concentrations of active ingredients. One esthetician put it this way – “Your serum is like a single vitamin, while a moisturizer is more like a multivitamin.” A general rule of thumb is apply products starting with the lightest to the heaviest.

We wear SPF (30 or higher). Protect. Protect. Protect. We can’t say it enough. Even when it’s cloudy, UV rays can cause skin damage. When the sun is shining, you’ll need to apply every 2-3 hours for maximum protection. Wearing a hat helps too!

We believe in retinol. It’s still the gold standard when it comes to reducing the appearance of fine lines, hyperpigmentation (age/brown spots), improving skin tone and texture, blemish control and assisting with collagen production and cell turnover. It’s a must have for your skincare arsenal. Our Vitamin A Serum & Crème are plant based and naturally derived, fragrance, sulfate and phthalate free.


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