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5 Brow Trends You Should Know

Brows continue to be a big thing (feathered, arched, wide - anything but thin and tweezed!) and, from tinting and threading to microblading and lamination, the beauty industry is supplying the demand for contemporary eyebrow treatments. Brow services are extremely popular, and are an excellent revenue stream and repeat client opportunity. This week's article from Leah Lynch, award-winning lash artist and master trainer, discusses 5 current brow trends that are industry and client favorites.


The term bonanza is used to describe a situation or event that creates a sudden increase in wealth, good fortune, or profits. With these trending services in brows on the rise, it’s safe to say this is going be a brow bonanza kind of year! If you haven’t already started dabbling in the vast variety of budding brow services, now is your year to skyrocket your profits by bringing in some of these hot new techniques.

For this article, I’ve gathered, in no particular order because it’s impossible to choose a favorite, the hottest money-making brow trends on the market this season.

1. Brow Dye/Henna vs. Brow Tinting

Brow tinting has been tried and true for years. Gentle formulations subtly tint the hairs to make the brows come alive. However, companies are now making brow dye that can be strategically applied to both the hair and the skin. After removal, a soft shadow stays behind on the skin that creates the perfect shape. With a little practice, you can create soft ombre effects and a look that is similar to cosmetic tattooing.

Another popular option in the same vein as this is brow henna. No longer available in just the red tones that we have seen before, but custom blended shades that can match any hair color have now hit the market. This particular service does take a little bit more time on the skin to work. Therefore, it would be a higher price for your clients, but the results do last a little longer than the dye.

2. Brow Threading

You know those clients that have brow hairs that grow so close to the surface of the skin that even after waxing you wind up tweezing away? Threading is perfect for this, as it creates a gorgeous crisp line and some of the more defined and perfect brow shapes. This technique is moderately challenging and professional certification is recommended, but it’s something that you could easily practice at home removing some of the extra hair from your upper legs until you master the technique. Since people are looking for threading by name, it opens up a whole new client base once you advertise this service on your menu!

3. Brow Lamination

Another service that clients are now seeking out by name is brow lamination. By using lash lifting solutions, you can artfully design and comb through the brows to set them into a full and gloriously perfect shape. Say goodbye to wild and unruly hairs, brows that grow down, up, over, and across! Clients who have thinning brows, brows that look sparse and unshapely can be completely transformed. It is truly amazing what can be done with this service and the before and after transformations are always hard to believe! By simply combing these solutions through the hairs and setting the brows in place, you can fill in gaps and create more fullness and shape. Once you’re done, this shape will be locked in place for up to six weeks. Most lamination services also include a tint or a dye for the perfect finish.

Tip: You always want to comb the hairs in the direction of their natural growth. Sometimes you will see brow laminations shown as extremely fluffy where the hairs are brushed straight up. This can be damaging to the natural hair and cause breakage. When you are setting the brows into place, make sure to pay attention to where the hair comes out of the follicle, and see that you are not encouraging the hair to make an unnatural bend before setting it in place. Concealer, highlighter, and brow soap make for the most picture-perfect finish. Brow soap can show clients what a lamination could look like and gets them excited about this as an option for next time.

4. Microblading vs. Powder Brow

Some clients may be ready to take it all the way with cosmetic tattooing. Cosmetic tattooing requires specific training and licensing. The licensing requirements are separate from the board of cosmetology; these laws are governed by the Board of Health. It is important to check your local laws before signing up for a class to make sure that you can offer cosmetic tattooing in your area.

Microblading hit the scene almost a decade ago and made a huge impact. People were clamoring to learn this new service left and right and microblading quickly became one of the most highly requested cosmetic tattoo services. However, as the years go on and people begin to book their touch up appointments, we are noticing that after several touch ups, microblading strokes can tend to blend together into what we are ultimately calling a powder brow.

Powder brow is a machine work technique that can be done in a soft ombre effect to create the look of powder on the skin. This is a better choice for those with oily skin, as microblading can have poor retention. It’s also a good option for clients who don’t like the individual hair effect with space in between. There is also an advanced form of machine work called nano brows, which, similar to microblading, creates a very realistic looking hair-by-hair effect. Although the cost for professional training could be steep, the products last a long time and supplies are not too expensive. Cosmetic tattoo services can easily fetch up to $750 for your time, making them one of the most profitable brow services you can offer!

5. Brow Mapping

This can be an add-on service or an included service in some of the options you provide. Classes on mapping the brows go in depth into the precise measurements that may be necessary when trying to make the most symmetrical and natural looking enhancements possible. With the use of string colored with black or white marking, you can learn ways to map out the designs you are going to create to consult with the clients before the service. This option can take some time, so additional costs may need to be involved, as you get more comfortable. However, brow mapping can be done quite quickly and efficiently.

Top Brow Service Benefits

· Boosts profit margin as costs for the products are low.

· Allows for added revenue in downtime due to shorter appointment times.

· Creates an opportunity for add on treatments for facials or hair services.

· Attracts clients who are very loyal and repeat often when they find a brow expert.

· Builds more revenue from existing clients, which is easier and less expensive than finding more new clients.

· Provides the opportunity to design a whole business around brow services as they are now being enjoyed by such a wide demographic with all types of ranging tastes.

Retail Opportunities

Each of these services provides a great opportunity for retail as well. Brow growth serums, brow pencils, sculpting gels, aftercare kits for laminations with a take home castor oil in a mascara tube, brow brushes, the list goes on! Once clients have put their trust in you as their brow guru, they will also trust all of your homecare and retail suggestions.

Finishing Treatment Touches

At the end of some of these services, you could build your business even further by adding a light massage of the brow area with a calming lotion as a special touch. Slow your hands, circle the eyes, and lightly pinch along the brow muscles. You can then say; "Do you ever get facials? Because we could do this for a full hour." I can’t tell you how many facial clients I have gained from that one, well-placed line.

Don’t forget to take your before shots when doing brow services! Before and after brow transformations are always a big hit on social platforms and make for great video content for reels and highlights.

Have fun with it! Practice till you’re perfect and price your time and services appropriately for profitability, and you can’t go wrong. The world is your demographic! Male, female, young and old, everyone deserves beautiful brows. Let the bonanza begin!

Leah Lynch is an award-winning lash artist, master trainer, industry speaker, lash competition judge and the owner of Beautique. She is also the creator of Lash Mastery Academy, where lash artists can take their career to the next level by utilizing Lynch’s advanced materials, manuals, and curriculums to become a trainer in their area.


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