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Did You Know Estheticians Do These?

You’re probably familiar with many of the procedures a licensed skincare specialist learns during training.  But did you know the variety of things you can do as an esthetician is pretty much limited only by what you can imagine? For example, estys do things like. . .


With so many different avenues to pursue, it is easy to channel your passion and interests into a rewarding career path. Identify your strengths and what really interests you so you can confidently choose areas that match your personality, your idea of the perfect work schedule, and what kind of money you’d like to earn. Do you prefer being independent or would you rather work for someone else?  Make a detailed list of everything you’re looking for in your perfect esthetics career and create it!


If you’re still wondering if a career in esthetics is worth the time and investment – here are a few more reasons to consider:

It’s Rewarding – full stop

As an esthetician, you inspire confidence in others by helping your clients look and feel their best. They rely on you, as the expert, to understand their specific skin concerns and provide customized treatments and skincare recommendations. The payoff?  You’re their guiding light.  Every facial is a step closer to better self-esteem and confidence and every treatment is a journey to self-love. 


It’s all about flexibility

As a licensed skincare pro, you’ve got a wide variety of career niche choices, and you’re free to create your perfect situation – and change it as often as you like! Whether you’re an independent, gotta be me and free entrepreneur, or prefer the security and stability of working for someone else – or anything in between – it’s all there for you, you just have to choose.

You Can Rock Your Specialty

The quickest way to position yourself for success?  Specialize!  What aspect of esthetics are you the most passionate about?  The more you hone in on your own special niche – what you do better than anyone else – the quicker you’ll attract the clients that want what you have. Specializing allows you to stay focused on what attracted you to the esthetic field in the first place. Don’t get sidetracked by what other estys are doing. Don’t let the word “competition” or “competitor” into your vocabulary.  There is plenty of room for everyone and nobody’s doing it quite the way you’re doing it.  Be bold and show the world who you are!

You’re the Expert

The world of skincare is always evolving, (isn’t that why you love it?) so you’re going to keep learning! New techniques, treatments, modalities, products, and trends are everywhere – so stay on your toes and don’t get into a rut!  Your clients look to your expertise to help them navigate the barrage of information on social media and from influencers. Use your knowledge wherever you can – blog, make videos, use social media responsibly, collaborate with other professionals, and attend trade shows and conferences.

We Don’t Think You’ll Ever be Bored

One of the biggest complaints most people have about their job is how boring and repetitive it can get on a day to day basis. Not so for estys! Every day as an esthetician is different, and provides no end of opportunities to learn, practice, and grow. You’ll meet lots of new people and expand your professional network. Every client is different, every client has their own unique skincare concerns and goals. Helping them achieve those goals is the challenge that helps keep your work exciting!

You’ve Got Skills For Life

It’s not just about facials – there’s the value of skills you’ll use throughout your life. For instance,

· Time management

· Communication

· Attention to detail

· Effective sales education (not selling!)

· Problem solving

· Empathy, compassion

· Organization

This Industry is Always Growing

The job market for skin care specialists is rising faster than average.  According to Zippia Careers), (after extensive research, interviews, and analysis) they found that:


·        The projected esthetician job growth rate is between 9-17% from 2018-2028.

·        About 13,400 new jobs for estheticians are projected over the next decade.

·        Esthetician salaries have increased 21%  in the last 5 years.

·        There are over 48,029 estheticians currently employed in the United States.

·        There are 3,747 active esthetician job openings in the US.

 You have many options when it comes to choosing an esthetics training program and we’d like you to consider the Euro Institute when doing your research.  The Euro Institute 750 hours training program provides our students with a comprehensive understanding of esthetic theory, a holistic approach to skincare that includes aroma and sound therapy as well as traditional and new treatment modalities. We use our own bespoke product line, much of which is manufactured at our Renton location. Students have the opportunity to purchase our products in our wholesale showroom at a discount. We also set our students up for future success by having them practice with real-life clients in our clinic spa as part of our curriculum.


Did we give you enough reasons to consider becoming an esthetician? We’d love to give you even more – contact Admissions and make an appointment to visit us, discuss your options, and meet our staff.


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