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5 Fall & Winter Skincare Misconceptions (and a few tips to Remedy Them!)

(The following article is excerpted from Camera Ready Cosmetics – with recommendations in italics from us!)

No matter how well your skin has behaved so far this year, be sure to read this blog because even the most predictable skin can be prone to irritation, dryness, or become sensitized as we transition into the cooler months. That's why we’re sharing 5 Skincare Misconceptions for the seasons ahead!

Have you fallen prey to these common skincare myths?

· Not adjusting your environment/lifestyle during the cooler and drier months

· Using the same facial cleanser during all seasons

· Mistaking dry, rough texture for dead skin cells vs moisture loss from the skin barrier

· Only using sunscreen during the spring and summer

· Not taking advantage the cooler months for professional skincare services

Mistake #1: Not adjusting your daily routine/environment to meet your skin's needs

We love to stay warm and toasty during the cold weather, however, if we stay in the hot shower too long or have the thermostat on high, we are potentially setting ourselves up for dry skin. Having the heat too high or taking extra hot showers to stay warm will draw out necessary moisture from your skin and can cause it to become dry and more sensitized skin. To combat this, use lukewarm water and don't take unnecessarily long showers. To prevent moisture loss at home (or even at work), add a humidifier to the rooms you spend the most time in! These both help to maintain moisture levels in your home so that the drier air does not seek moisture from your skin, but instead from the environment!

Tip: Using a more emollient lotion with occlusive ingredients (like squalane, jojoba oil, or rosehip oil) on the hands and body along with a facial oil (like Euro Botanicals Hempseed Oil or Rosehip Seed Oil) can also help seal in moisture and slow moisture loss during the drier seasons.

Mistake #2: Using the same facial and body cleanser during all seasons

Our bodies are amazing and can adjust how much sweat and oil it produces to adjust to our ever-changing environments, but sometimes they can use a helping hand. During the warmer months, the main concerns may be reducing blackheads and combating excess oil production, so reaching for a gel-based cleanser during the spring and summer can help! However, in colder weather, gel cleansers may leave the skin feeling too tight and dry, so our experts recommend opting for a gentler, creamier formula. (Our Green Tea Cleanser or Moor Lavender Cleanser). A gentle cleanser will still remove impurities, excess oil, and makeup, while still reintroducing hydration and leaving the skin soft and supple!

Mistake #3: Confusing dry, rough texture for dead skin cells instead of possible moisture loss and an impacted skin barrier.

The first thing that comes to mind when you feel uneven texture on your skin is to slough off the "dead skin", especially with more abrasive exfoliants. However, this rougher & flaky texture can be due to the lower humidity, increased water loss, and windburn. If over-exfoliation occurs, the skin can become rougher and more sensitized, essentially doing the opposite of what we would want!

When you have those dry, pesky patches, AHA's are best to stick (like Glycagel) to versus BHA's or physical exfoliation, as AHA's are water-soluble and tend to have humectant properties (yay extra hydration!) However, make sure you don't overdo it. If you're not seeing an improvement after one use, visit a local esthetician or dermatologist so they may properly diagnose and treat your skin.

Mistake #4: Not using an SPF because summer is over.

We know this is a tip brought up in every skincare blog, but it's important to remember UV rays are around ALL year round and can still permeate through the cloudiest of weather. While you may be seeing less direct sun rays due to a lower sun angle during the winter, ice and snow act as little shiny mirrors that will reflect those unwanted rays toward your skin making it more important than ever to cover any exposed skin with sun protection. (Raw Elements Face & Body or Tinted) While the various types of UV rays can impact the skin, it's the UVA rays that accelerate premature aging and lead to unwanted hyperpigmentation and loss of elasticity. Preventing damage is much easier (and less expensive) than trying to "fix" the dark spots and potential for skin cancer later.

Tip: When it comes to how much SPF to use, a good rule of thumb is to use one ounce for your entire body. For your face, some professionals have used the "finger length" method. Open your hand with your palm facing up and draw a stripe of SPF the entire length of your middle finger and pointer finger, and that will give you the minimum amount you should use for your face! If you're wearing an outfit that exposes your neck and décolletage, draw a third stripe of SPF down your ring finger and use that amount for the exposed skin.

Mistake #5: Not taking advantage of peels and other skincare services

If we're being honest, many of us have likely skipped a few sunscreen applications here or there, and we may be starting to see some hyperpigmentation or fine lines peeking through. The fall and winter months are the perfect time to combat those skincare woes with professional chemical peels and services. Here’s why. . .

A professional chemical peel is designed to remove the top layers of your skin to allow it to grow back smoother. This can help slow the formation of fine lines and sunspots, but it's important to avoid direct sunlight after each treatment. With less direct sunlight exposure, it can be an ideal time to get a chemical peel, but as always, never skip sun protection, especially on freshly treated skin.

Tip: Make sure you work with a professional to schedule peels and treatments based on your own skin's needs and your lifestyle. Remember, achieving the perfect skincare and treatment plan is like a marathon, not a sprint! It's also important to remember that peels are not for everyone, so be sure to contact your local professional.

Contact our spa desk to schedule a lactic or fruit acid peel at 20% off! Right after Halloween is the perfect time to reboot your skin after all the festivities, tricks and treats!


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