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5 Things To Do Before Your First Day at Esthetics School

You probably know by now how we feel about anyone who wants to start a career in esthetics, and how exciting training to be a skincare professional can be. And once you decide to make esthetics your passion and profession, beginning a new program can feel both exciting and intimidating. Here are 5 things we suggest you do before your first day in (and we hope it will be with us!) esthetics training.

1. Do Your Research

The more you know about your school, the more prepared you’ll be before you even start. Your first day will set the pace for the rest of the school year and will affect your success as a student. So do your research and know what the school has to offer.

· Visit the school’s website. It can educate you on everything you need to know about requirements, tuition, curriculum, student kits, staff, and more to help you feel more prepared for your first day of classes. Visit us online to learn more about our programs and how we help students pursue their passion for skincare.

· Read through the student catalog and handbook for more details on how class is structured, days & times, hours, dress code, and assignments. Contact Admissions for our catalog and to answer your questions.

· Find out what courses are offered, electives and advanced classes.

· Where is it located? Don’t be stressed or rushed on your first day of class trying to find the school. Give yourself plenty of time to plan your commute, find parking, and find your class.

2. Study the Curriculum

As discussed, it’s important to know what courses your school of choice has to offer, to make sure it meets your needs. If you’re interested in learning eyelash extensions, sugaring, or advanced peel treatments – does the school offer those?

3. Contact Admissions:

The Admissions Director is your best source for additional information and getting all your questions answered. Write down your questions so you don’t forget!  

4. Schedule a Tour

Visiting the school in person (or attending one of our Open House events) will give you a better idea of what to expect on the first day of school. You’ll have an opportunity to ask questions, meet instructors and see the classrooms and clinic floor. This is a great way to get a better feel for our school’s culture. Depending on your preference and needs, we now offer on-site and virtual tours. Schedule a tour today!

5. Know What’s Required & Be Prepared to Take Your State’s Licensing Exam

Does your school of choice adequately prepare you for taking the state board exams? At the Euro Institute we provide our students with a detailed kit which we’ll go through with you step by step and help you practice to make sure you’re prepared for the exam.  Our mission is your success!





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