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7 Suggestions for Newbie Estheticians

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of skincare specialists is projected to grow 9 percent from 2022 to 2032, much faster than the average for all occupations. Like any profession, there are many uncertainties. Esthetics requires hard work and dedication to get your name out there and build a clientele. Certain career paths are easier to navigate and make a consistent paycheck, but there’s no doubt the industry continues to change and evolve. Here are a few suggestions that can help you get a leg up and over some of the obstacles and on to skincare success.


1.Manage your expectations.

Of course you want to know what to expect to earn when you first start out. And sometimes that reality is at odds with what you’d hoped for and planned. As a brand new esthetician, you can most likely expect to put in some unpaid hours while you build a clientele. If you work for someone else, you’ll have a treatment area and other perks. It’s really But the hard work is really up to you.

2. Create your career path.

You know you have a passion for all things skin and you’re ready to show the world what you can do. Have you considered exactly where you’d like to go? It’s important to keep at least a short term end-goal in mind, and envision how you’d like your ideal career to look.

Ask yourself things like what kind of treatments you like to perform and who your ideal client would be. Do you want to start your own spa business or work for someone else.  Would a medi-spa or doctor’s office suit you better? Or a day spa, waxing or lash salon? What do you want to earn and do you want to work full or part-time? The answers will help you create your dream career.

3. Embrace sales.

Treatments and skincare products go hand in hand, and retail sales is a key component of making money at what you do. Before you cringe at the idea, remember – you are the expert.  It is your job to educate your client not only on the treatments you perform, but on the what, why, and how they can maintain and enhance their skin health in between appointments.  When the focus is on education, not selling, you recognize you are providing your clients with the highest possible service, showing them your care and commitment to their skin concerns – and they will thank you for it.

4. Find products you love and educate clients on how to use  them.

Follow up to #3 – educating clients on products you really believe in and are passionate about. Don’t just mention how great it is while you’re in the treatment room. Give them a sample to try and direct them to your website, social media, or blog to find out more information about your products. If you’re enthusiastic about a product, your clients will be too.  And when they get the results they’re after, they will spread the word!

5. Become a self-marketing maestro.

There are many ways to strut your stuff and most are inexpensive or free. Social media posts, of course, top the list, a killer website, video demos, blogging, podcasting, or writing articles or short eBooks give you many opportunities to reach prospective clients.


6. Stay on top of new trends, treatments, and products.

It’s important to keep learning.  Read trade journals, attend webinars, subscribe to blogs, and e-news, and follow social media accounts you respect to stay on top of advancements in your field. Clients are more savvy than ever these days due to the mountain of information available online, When they’re asking questions, you’ll need to be able to answer them.

7. Practice patience while you grow.

Patience is key when it comes to building a skincare business. There may be sometimes when you’re tempted to throw in the spa towel – but that’s when you’ll remember why you chose this industry in the first place – you love it! Stick with it, give it your absolute best effort, and don’t give up.  The world needs your special touch and only you can do it the way you do it!

Patience, persistence, and preparedness – these 3 “P’s” will cause opportunity to pop up everywhere and take you the career direction you want to go.

Think a career path in esthetics might be the ticket for you this year? Contact us and get your questions answered!  Schedule a visit, book a treatment, or attend a monthly Open House – they are all great ways to explore more at The Euro Institute!


You’re in the right place!

According to Zip Recruiter (Jan 2024), Washington state is in the top 10 for states that pay estheticians and skincare specialists the highest mean salary (others include Alaska, Oregon, Massachusetts, North Dakota, and Minnesota).


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