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7 Tips for Getting The Best from Your Esty Education Experience

You study hard, you learn and practice treatment techniques, you make connections with other professionals in the industry. You know that your esthetician training is a huge investment of time, money, and effort. Here are a few tips from us to help you get the most – and the best – your school experience.

1. Take Notes and Create Flashcards

Taking notes and creating practice flashcards are key ways to help you retain information and stay organized. Write down key points and concepts. Use the notes to review and create flashcards to help you memorize terms, techniques, and procedures.

2. Ask Questions

Asking questions is how you learn and grow. Take every opportunity to ask your instructors for clarification, help and guidance. Question and answers help you comprehend and retain knowledge which helps you go to the head of the class.

3. Practice

Practice-practice-practice.  You can never practice too much. Test out your skill with techniques, tools, and products. Practice becomes expertise which gives you confidence.

4. Build a Portfolio

At the same time you’re learning, start building a portfolio. Your portfolio showcases your abilities and knowledge, and can attract potential clients and employers. Include high resolution photos and update your portfolio regularly.

5. Network and Build Relationships

Use this time to get to know classmates, instructors, guest lecturers, and other industry professionals. Connect with them on social media.  Attend trade shows, conferences, and classes. Create your own opportunities for collaboration, job offers, and mentorships.

6. Be Professional

The cornerstone of our industry is client relationship and customer service, so it’s essential to always be professional. Dress appropriately, be punctual, show kindness, respect, and genuine interest in your clients. Keep your work area clean, organized and sanitary.

7. Create a Business Plan

Creating a business plan might sound a little intimidating, but it is an important step toward your success as an esthetician.  Begin by identifying your target market and the services you’ll provide. Decide if you will initially work for someone or become an entrepreneur.

Research the necessary licenses and insurance requirements. Develop a focused marketing strategy to introduce yourself and attract clients. Even if your plan is to find a job with an employer, a business plan will help you organize your strategy, keep you organized, and focused on success.

Successful estheticians know that success in this profession requires patience, persistence, and work. But there’s also almost never a dull moment, it’s creative, exciting, and fun.  Get the best from your esty training with tips like these and get ready to change the world – one face at a time.

Are you Skinterested?  Find out more – contact Darlene, our Admissions Director, for an interview or to tour our facility, or attend a monthly Open House.


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