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Continuing Education: 5 Good Esty Reads for Your Collection

There’s a tendency for us to get inspired, entertained, and informed from social media posts, blogs, and other online sources and that’s great. But there’s nothing like making time to unplug and tuck into a good book that helps you broaden your knowledge and expose you to new ideas and techniques. It’s an investment in yourself, your clients, and your business.

The following are 5 books we think will help expand your knowledge and your interest in all things skincare.


· When choosing your resource, do some research to make sure the book is written by a professional who knows their field, not just an influencer or random author selling tips and tricks. You want solid knowledge from real industry pros who have credentials and expertise.

· Note the author’s experience and the information to be sure it comes from reliable sources. Generally speaking, a book that’s written for estys by an esty, doctor, or other medical professional that covers the topics you are interested in is a good choice.

1. The Skincare Bible: Your No-Nonsense Guide to Great Skin by Dr. Anjali Mahto

A definitive, clear, concise guide to the body’s biggest organ. Dr. Mahto is one of the UK's leading consultant dermatologists. With years of expertise and up-to-date research, her book will help you distinguish the “nuggets from the nonsense.” A great reference book for your library.

2. The Beauty Geek’s Guide to Skincare by Deborah Burnes

This book is basic and easily understood. It contains an extensive guide to product ingredients, with information to help you educate your clients on reading skincare product labels to better understand what they are putting on their skin.

3. The Beauty Industry Survival Guide: A Salon Professional's Handbook by Tina Alberino

Covering all the major beauty biz secrets and tips – from owning a spa, to the best policies to enforce, social media tips, and lots more. A must-have if you’re a spa owner or thinking of becoming one.

4. The Beauty of Dirty Skin: The Surprising Science of Looking and Feeling Radiant from the Inside Out by Whitney Bowe, MD

A pioneering researcher on the cutting edge of the gut-brain-skin axis, Dr. Bowe explains how the spectrum of skin disorders -- from stubborn acne and rosacea to psoriasis, eczema, and premature wrinkling -- are manifestations of irregularities rooted in the gut. Drawing on her own experience with a debilitating parasitic illness and patient examples with severe skin conditions that have digestive challenges, she shows the influence of microbial inhabitants on the skin condition.

5. The Esthetician's Guide To Outstanding Esthetics: Series

A series of anthology books for the beauty industry. Industry leaders are chosen to author a chapter (or book) which provides different ways of thinking to help estheticians think “out of the box” for ways to achieve outstanding results in their career and business. These professionals discuss their philosophies, career choices, beliefs, and ideas on what makes a great esthetician. They share first-person experiences – from oncology esthetics to nutrition, and current esthetic techniques and technology that you can integrate into your business practice. (Note: Euro grad and owner of Oncology Spa Solutions, Becky Kuehn is a contributing author to the .

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