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Dehydrated Skin - What It Is

First, dehydrated skin is not a skin type. It’s a skin condition and it can occur in oily, dry, combination or acne-prone skin.

Dehydrated skin looks and feels tight, dull, and tired. The main difference between dehydrated and dry skin is dehydrated skin is WATER deficient and dry skin is LIPID deficient. It can also be caused from lack of water intake, drinking too many dehydrating beverages (caffeine, alcohol), medications and poor nutrition.

If the skin is dehydrated, it will often try to overcompensate for this and produce more oil. This can be due to over exfoliation and cleansing, use of harsh astringents and other products which cause a stripping effect. Dehydrated skin should be cleansed with a mild, low lathering cleanser, a gentle exfoliant and a rich moisturizer along with good sun protection.

The condition can be improved by using hydrators that attract water molecules (products containing hyaluronic acid are excellent, like our (Hyaluronic Acid Serum) into the epidermis from the underlying skin layers and from the air.

Follow with a hydrating moisturizer, ( Super Emollient or Advanced Moisture Crème) and always, always, always use a broad spectrum sunscreen.


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