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New Year: 5 Ideas on How to Arrange Your Life for Health & Happiness

"Because we live in a universe in which everything is connected to everything else, you cannot change one aspect of your life without changing all the others. And because things are physical and easier to get your hands on than relationships, careers, or spirituality, they make a great place to start." - Cindy Glovinsky

As we begin the New Year, unsure of what it holds for us, but probably relieved the old one is past, why not resolve to put yourself first, and arrange your life - inasmuch as you can - for the best of health and happiness! Following are 5 ideas. . .

1. Make YOU Priority #1! Practice extreme self-care. When you put yourself first you are then fully available to others without resentment, anger and frustration. I believe that a higher order takes over to support you when you make the choice to honor yourself in spite of fear and discomfort. Become your own biggest fan! Self-care is the foundation of your energy support system.

2. Love Where You Live. Are you in love with where you live? Do you feel energized and motivated in your office at work? Did you know your home is actually an extension of your body? Consequently, the order of your home is a reflection of your physical, mental & spiritual health. It’s nearly impossible to achieve health goals if your home is not supporting you! Your space needs to nourish your soul.

"It's a lot easier and faster to change your home than to change your health! And by changing your home in the right ways, you CAN also improve your health." – Ariane Benefit

3. Eliminate energy drains. A great life is more about what you eliminate from it than what you add to it. This includes anything from clutter to misaligned priorities and unhealthy habits.

Imagine that cords of energy run from your body to everything undone or incomplete in your life. These cords run from you to your past and your future. When these cords become tied up in either the past or future – there is no energy available for the present.

There are three big energy drains we experience at one time or another:

· Not believing you have a choice

· Not being able to say "no"

· Not finding support

Make list of the top 5 or 10 biggest things you’ve been procrastinating on that you would most like to handle right now – that would either advance or enhance your life in a major way. Put it where you can see it daily. Use “3D thinking”: Do it yourself – Delegate it to someone else – Delete it. Becoming conscious of where your energy flows can be very revealing.

4. Practice 180 Degree Thinking. Not enough time & energy is probably the number one complaint of people everywhere. I have yet to meet anyone who thinks they have enough of either!

The secret to making the most of your time without sacrificing precious energy and motivation is a technique I learned from Robert Holden’s (The Happiness Project) book Success Intelligence. It’s a shift in the way you think – a 180 degree shift to be exact. For most of us the answer to our success comes from the concept of “more.” The 180 shift challenges us to focus differently: while we may still need more (more energy, time, inspiration, creativity) we also need a lot less (waste, unimportant tasks, obligations, commitments, stress).

180 degree thinking encourages us to adopt a flexible balance between what Holden calls “the wisdom of more” and the “beauty of less.”

Think about how you can combine more or less in ways that ignite your energy and decrease your stress. Identify time wasters that are draining your attention away from your purpose and priorities. Organization is about balance. It’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. An active life is a productive life. And that requires energy. Feeling energetic and productive is invigorating isn’t it?

Here’s an example. Consider a stagnant pond. When the waters are stirred and new water is introduced the water clears. Energy begets more energy. Start small, start slow – but start.

5. Take baby steps. Too big or massive a change won’t work. We humans aren’t wired to adapt to change in this way. Small, consistent steps over time yield the biggest results – that will last. Remember – your journey is about progress not perfection. Whatever you’re trying to increase in your life act as if you already have it.

Turn obstacles into stepping stones by focusing your energy on what really matters to you. When you refocus and shift your energy – your life begins to rearrange itself naturally and organically. And then you are living your vision of a healthy, happy life!


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