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Sheet Masks for Glowing Skin

From deeply hydrating, minimizing appearance of fine lines, to brightening/lightening, our trio of Sheet Masks targets a variety of skin concerns with results oriented ingredients. Age Defying, Brightening & Hydrating and Calming Sheet Masks are ideal for skin conditions including uneven texture and tone, dark spots, fine lines, Couperose (redness, irritation) and sensitive. They are vegan and contain no synthetic fragrances.

Masking is an important component to add to your daily skin care routine. After cleansing, toning and moisturizing, using a facial mask regularly can infuse your skin with nourishment, and moisture while repairing the skin. Benefits include:

  • Refining skin tone

  • Smoothing fine lines, evening out rough texture and plumping the skin

  • Infusing deep hydration at a cellular level

Our Sheet masks are serum-soaked with results oriented ingredients and made from natural fibers. They are formulated to nourish the skin with moisturizing, hydrating, and brightening botanicals. Our sheet masks provide relief for dry, dull and environmentally stressed skin and deliver concentrated doses of natural ingredients to the skin for immediate results.

A common misconception concerning sheet masks is that they are hard to incorporate into your skincare routine. Not so! You only need a few minutes, which makes any downtime at home a good time to mask! Apply to cleansed and toned face while you're watching TV, working on your laptop or tablet, or even while doing things around the house. Sheet masks are a simple way to repair and renew your skin in the comfort of your home. They are also a great way to get your glow on before heading out to your next event.

We recommend using sheet masks to recover your skin from everyday skin stressors or whenever your face needs a rejuvenating boost.


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