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Sound Healing in Skincare

Sound healing has been used for thousands of years in varying modalities and techniques to promote healing. Our physical bodies hold a vibration, a frequency, which is unique to each person. Every organ in the body, as well as each chakra in the human energy system, holds its own unique frequency. When our body and energy system encounter desirable vibrational frequencies, it can cause several healing shifts to occur, including chakra balancing, stabilized alpha brain waves, relaxation, and stress release.

There are a variety of sound healing techniques that can be integrated into a wellness practice that will affect the seven major chakras in the human energy system. The chakras regularly expand and contract, while transmitting and storing energy and responding to outside influences, including sound. Each chakra connects to a layer of the auric field, which is equivalent to the human energy field. The chakras all contain a vowel, color, and musical note. When using sound healing, you will essentially affect clearing energy blockages, while harmonizing and balancing energies within the chakras and the auric field.

Guided meditation with chanting, tuning forks, singing bowls, chimes, and binaural beats are all forms of sound therapy. The sound of instruments and voices help to untie energy knots and bring the entire body into a state of harmony. The vibrations travel through the body and open up energy pathways, improving circulation and releasing endorphins that make you feel good. These sound vibrations alter brainwaves to increase mood, which in turn is healing for your entire body, including your skin!

The 7 chakras and sound definitions are:

CROWN CHAKRA: Located on top of the head, the crown chakra governs universal wisdom, openness, and universal connection. This chakra extends and connects to the first layer of the auric field which is commonly referred to as the casual layer of the energetic aura. This layer acts as the seal or protection on the entire energy field. The musical note “B” represents this chakra and using sound tools that have this resonance helps to clear, balance, and harmonize. (color: purple)

THIRD EYE CHAKRA: Located between the eyebrows, the third eye chakra governs intuitive sight, the Clair senses, also called psychic senses, and extends and connects to the celestial layer of the auric field where the manifestation and spiritual planes exist. When using sound tools with the “A” note, it connects this chakra enhancing connection to the spiritual plane. (color: indigo)

THROAT CHAKRA: This chakra is located at the base of the throat governing communication and how we speak our authentic truth. The throat chakra extends into the etheric template of the auric field, which is said to hold the blueprint for our entire selves. When using sound tools with the throat chakra note “G,” the sound will effectively penetrate this chakra supporting energetic release and balance to occur. (color: blue)

HEART CHAKRA: Located in the middle of the chest and governing the energies of the body and energy field, this chakra contains unconditional love, self-love, and how we express and connect to love. The auric layer this chakra connects is commonly referred to as the astral layer, creating the bridge to the head-heart connection. A sound healing tool with the note “F” allows open space in this chakra and support balance. (color: green)

SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA: Located right above the navel, this chakra is our power center where self-esteem, ambition, confidence, and personal strength are stored. This auric layer connects to the mental layer where thoughts form. The “E” note represents this chakra. Using sound tools with this note will help to strengthen, shift, and restore balance. (color: yellow)

SACRAL CHAKRA: The sacral chakra sits right below the navel, governing relationships, intimacy, creativity, and joy. It also connects to the emotional layer of the auric field. Sound healing tools with the note “D” help to balance, align, and harmonize this energy center. (color: orange)

ROOT CHAKRA: The root chakra is located at the base of the spine and governs our connection to the physical place, safety, survival, and security. Connecting to the physical layer of the aura, using any sound tool with the note “C” helps ground, center, and stabilize energies. (color: red)

To perform a sound healing session, you can be creative and use one or more sound tool to implement sound healing into your wellness practice as a stand-alone service or add-on to a facial or massage.

Sound healing tools include crystal singing pyramids, crystal singing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, and tuning forks.

**Part of the Euro Institute’s curriculum includes using acutonics (tuning forks) in treatment modalities.**

Transport a client into a relaxed state of well-being by beginning a sound healing session using a crystal singing bowl or a Tibetan singing bowl. Play the sound within the bowl for two minutes to clear the low vibrating energies of the room and client. Use tuning forks to balance the chakras, follow with gentle, soothing sounds of chimes to soften the energy, and create a blissfully peaceful environment.

Like any self-care method, sound therapy has the power to improve your skin. Not only can its mental health benefits strengthen your self-confidence and relationship with your body, but sound waves can actually enhance the look of your skin. Sound waves work deep within your body to balance your health. Sound wave therapy is known to support healthy blood pressure and blood and lymphatic flow in your skin, potentially leading to supple, younger-looking skin.

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