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Spooktacular DIY Inspiration: Pair These Scary Movies with Euro Skincare and Be Your Most Bootiful

October brings in the real feel of fall and one of our favorite holidays – Halloween. In honor of the spooky season, this week we’re pairing a few of our favorite scary movies with some must have for fall skin care products.

1. Sleepy Hollow: This is a must watch during the Halloween season, with the Headless Horseman hurling a fiery jack o lantern at Johnny Depp (who doesn’t love a little Depp?). Pumpkins are a bit of a theme in this movie (among other things), but that’s why this one is paired with Euro Botanicals Pumpkin Enzyme Peel? This deliciously spicy treat for your skin eats up dead skin cells and surface skin debris leaving your skin glowing better than a Jack O Lantern on Halloween night.

2. Hocus Pocus: A Halloween classic, hands down. The plot centers around the witchy Sanderson Sisters who are resurrected after hundreds of years by teenagers who light the Black Flame Candle and read from the witches book which brings them back to life. The only way they can stay alive is to suck the essence of life from children, which keeps them eternally youthful and beautiful. We don’t have to get that drastic, thank heaven, when we’ve got age targeting products like Euro Botanicals Renewal Serum, our signature age prevention serum with powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits for skin that is dry, damaged, and shows signs of aging. Hydro Collagen Serum has its own magic with silk amino acids to assist in drawing in much needed moisture.

3. Halloween: Michael Myers will haunt the town of Haddonfield forever as one of the most recognized Halloween screen villains of all time. The franchise hasn’t lost its popularity since the 1980’s, along with the iconic fright mask. And speaking of masks, this movie gets paired with Euro Botanicals Sheet Masks – except when you pull our masks off, there won’t be any mangled flesh underneath!

With 3 masks to choose from – Calming, Age Defy, and Brightening, we’ve got you covered-with antioxidants, hydrating, exfoliating, and soothing skingredients.

4. Scream: Another iconic franchise with an unforgettable ghost mask that has graced the shelves of costume stores for years, Scream . One of our favorite skincare masks that won’t leave you looking ghostly is Euro Botanicals Moor Multi-Fruit Face Mask, a year round facial option that is at once hydrating and revitalizing with nutrient rich Austrian Moor and antioxidant rich blue-green algae.

5. A Nightmare on Elm Street: Another classic that is a Halloween franchise fave is the instantly recognizable Freddy Krueger. This demonic soul that plagues the Elm Street residents in their dreams with his razor sharp bladed glove, demands a soothing, cooling product to pair with his overly singed flesh. Euro Clinicals Cucumber Anti-Couperose Mask helps tame redness and irritation from sensitivities and couperose conditions with aloe vera and allantoin. Rosehip Seed Oil is healing for sensitive, dry, and irritated skin conditions and helps repair sun damage, hyperpigmentation, and reduce the appearance of scarring from surgery, burns, and acne. It may be just what Freddy needs.


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