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In Change Lies Opportunity

In this brave new world, we’re now living in, COVID-19 has changed everything. The coronavirus pandemic is scary in part because we don’t know how long it will be until we can look back at it with less than happy memories. New measures to reduce the spread change continually. This has forced us to make important, but not easy, choices.

We will get through this – we know that. It’s important we believe this and believe our life will go on – albeit differently. Here at the Euro we’re excited to welcome everyone back as soon as we have leave to do so. We miss you all! We want to encourage you to stay optimistic with these 7 reasons. . .

  1. Social distancing helps decrease exposure and flatten the exposure curve. What’s positive: Better hygiene will be practiced in the future. We should have been doing much of this anyway to reduce this risk of getting a cold or the flu. For example, handshaking will likely never be popular again, as we likely never realized that we spread germs as we greet our friends.

  2. Exercising daily is one of the most important things you can do, both for physical and mental health, and walking is one of the best exercises that there is. What’s positive: Use this crisis as a reason to stay or get in shape and get outside.

  3. Winter is over! It would be that much worse to be stuck indoors if we were battling two feet of snow. What’s positive: More daylight and warmer weather to encourage us to get outdoors and enjoy nature.

  4. New treatments are being developed quickly and potentially a vaccine. What’s positive: Although the end is not yet in sight, it will be.

  5. We are all coming together over this crisis. The cooperation with industry, pharmaceutical companies, states and the federal government, all of which are quickly mobilizing is something not seen much since World War ll. What’s positive: Acts of kindness like shopping for the elderly, making face masks for friends, and honoring our front-line workers shows a courage in the face of adversity that is amazing.

  6. There will be treatments available in the future for COVID-19. Medical innovation will develop therapies that will help. It is hard right now to see what’s ahead right now. What’s positive: This cloud will lift.

  7. Things will get better. That’s the premise our country was built upon – hope and determination. Our future may be different – but in the middle of the change lies opportunity. What’s positive: We are us!

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