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Dry Skin in Summer? It Happens - Here's How to Deal

We expect and prepare for the drying effects of winter weather on our skin, but did you know your skin can still suffer from moisture deprivation during summer?

Dry skin results from a lot of different factors including prolonged sun exposure, chlorine, and other pool chemicals as well as air conditioning. Keeping summer skin hydrated starts with a skin-care regimen that includes plenty of moisture. Here are five tips to care for dry skin during the summer months.

Summer Tip #1: Moisturize Your Skin

It’s still important to moisturize during summer months to protect and hydrate your skin. Apply daily after cleansing or spending time in the sun to provide long-lasting hydration. Try our lightweight Euro Botanicals Marine Hydration Crème or for more intense hydration, Super Emollient or Advanced Moisture Crème.

Summer Tip #2: Combat the Effects of Time in Air-Conditioning

Indoor heat isn’t the only artificial air source that can dry out your skin. Air conditioning removes moisture and humidity from the air, which can lead to dry-looking skin in summer. If you can’t avoid it, refresh your skin before and after coming into contact.

Summer Tip #3: Hydrate with a Face Mask

Dry skin benefits tremendously from a hydrating mask that adds moisture to the surface. Euro Botanicals Moor Multi Fruit Face & Body Mask soothes and conditions all skin types with gently detoxifying Austrian Heilmoor Clay – try it chilled from the fridge after a day in the sun. Effective for all skin types.

Summer Tip #4: Embrace the Mist

You can add a hydrating facial mist to your skincare routine as simply as putting some of your favorite toner into a spray mist bottle. Try our Aloe Rose or Aloe Lavender Toner as a facial spray, apply throughout the day for a quick refresher. For more hydration, our Clinicals Hydrating Marine Toner right out of the fridge will tone and soothe parched skin.

Summer Tip #5: Reach for Aloe Vera

Summer sun brings increased risk of sunburn during longer periods of time spent outdoors. While sunscreen can help keep sunburn at bay, if you’re not diligent, you could still end up with irritated skin. To help soothe any irritation on dry skin or otherwise, reach for aloe vera, a moisturizing powerhouse with antiseptic benefits. Our Botanicals Aloe Vera Gel is 100% pure and absorbs quickly for fast, cooling relief.

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