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5 Benefits of Beard Oil

Beard hair needs love too! The popularity of beard oil has skyrocketed over the past couple of years because of its ability to moisturize facial hair as well as the skin underneath. Skin care experts agree that oils with some vitamins can promote healthier hair and reduce hair loss. Other oils help with skin conditions and inflammation.

So, what exactly is beard oil? Beard oil formulas typically contain ingredients like grape seed oil, argan oil, coconut oil (Euro Botanicals Beard Oil contains meadowfoam seed oil which helps reduce inflammation while soothing, protecting, and stimulating - contact our front desk to order) which all work to relieve skin conditions such as dry, flyaway beard hair, beard-itch, dandruff, and dry skin.

Check out these 5 beard oil benefits.

1. Moisturizes. Beard oil hydrates and nurtures both the hair and skin beneath it, providing nutrients like vitamins C and E for healthy growth.

2. Reduces Itch/Inflammation. Beard-itch is a common occurrence for men with a full beard and is often caused by dry or irritated skin underneath the hair. Ingrown hairs will exacerbate the problem. Using beard oil helps soften the hair, which prevents it from puncturing the skin if it curls inward (cause of ingrown hairs). Beard oil will also help control flaky skin.

3. Softens Hair. Not only does beard oil soften and hydrate the skin beneath our beards, but it can also work to condition the facial hair too. By supplying the hair with an assortment of nutrients, beard oil can help to provide your beard with a much softer touch and a healthier shine to accompany - improving the appearance of your beard in the process.

4. Controls Unruly Hair. Beard oil helps tame dry, hard-to-control hair growth and makes it easier to give the beard an attractive shape. Conditioning the facial hair, makes the individual strands easier to manage, which makes styling easier too.

5. Promotes healthier beard growth. Beards are prone to hair breakage as the hairs get longer – a la “split ends.” Beard hair tends to be about twice as thick as the hair on your head. As the beard hair gets longer, the ends of the hair can become dehydrated and broken. Applying beard oil at least once a day will improve hydration.


1. Begin with a clean slate. The best time to apply beard oil is after a warm shower, when your pores are open and ready to absorb. Apply when your beard is damp, not wet.

2. Less is more. You don’t need a lot. Pump a few drops into your palms and rub together gently to warm the oil and provide even distribution throughout your beard.

3. Gently massage into the skin. Use your fingertips to get down to the base of the beard and skin. Massage the cheek, neck, chin and moustache area as well.

4. Comb out. Using a natural bristle beard brush or beard comb, gently comb through your beard to evenly distribute the oil.


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