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7 Things Our Students Love About Learning at the Euro

February is “I heart” month! We know there’s a lot to love about training at the Euro Institute – just ask our students and grads!

1. It’s Never Boring. Every client has different skin concerns, so each one presents you with unique challenges. There’s always something new to learn - your job will never be dull or seem repetitive!

2. They make friends with like-minded others. Another cool bonus of attending esthetician school is that you’re surrounded by like-minded people. You all have one thing in common – a passion to help others achieve their healthy, glowing skincare goals!

3. Opportunity for learning from other professionals in a variety of fields. The Euro is proud to not only hire instructors with a broad knowledge and experience base, but also feature many guest lecturers and on-site field trips such as naturopaths, Ayurveda instructors, medical spa facilities, and alternative therapies. By getting valuable tips and information from professionals in the field, you can then apply what you’ve learned to your workday experience. Clients will seek you out more often because of your professional knowledge.

4. Hands-On Experience. There’s a lot of time to learn by doing on the clinic floor. Our students say that’s one of the most fun aspects of learning at the Euro. We’re continually adding new treatment modalities and experimenting with new products and equipment to stay informed and in touch with new trends.

5. Using our skincare lines. We encourage our students to purchase the signature skincare products (at student discount) used in our treatments from our wholesale store to really get to know how they work on the skin. Our product knowledge classes offer education in efficacy of ingredients, how they work together in formulas and their impact on the skin. Samples are available for many of our products. Many of our grads continue to use our products in their businesses!

6. Combining many interests into one career. Being an esthetician doesn’t just involve applying product to a client’s face. It’s science! Knowledge of chemistry and biology is required, and estheticians must be educated in the formulas and ingredients of the products they are utilizing, and know how those products will affect each individual client.

Estheticians must also be well-versed in human anatomy as many treatments involve massage or treatment on various parts of the body. Students have the option to focus on their areas of interest like waxing, lash extensions, or specialty facials.

7. It’s inspiring and rewarding. Helping your clients look good also makes them feel good; which in turn, makes us feel good. It’s happiness for all! Everyone has issues concerning their skin at one time or another. As an esthetician, you’ll keep people looking and feeling their best.

Are you ready to fall in love with esthetics?

There’s a lot to look forward to when you enroll in esthetics training. Our students receive the best of both worlds of classroom learning and hands-on clinic floor training. That’s a lot to love! Contact our Admissions office to schedule an interview and tour – or register for this month’s Open House!


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