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Dry Brushing: What's Trending Now, We've Been Doing for Years!

Dry brushing is a body treatment that can be done either in the spa or at home. You can purchase dry brushes at box stores like Whole Foods and Sephora or online. We recommend: Esker Beauty Brushes ($18) - they're good quality and reasonably priced and the Belula Dry Brush Face & Body Brush Set ($20) available on Amazon. A firm dry brush should be used preferably in the morning, before showering or taking a bath. When looking for a dry body brush, choose one that has a large head size and natural fibers. For dry brushing the face, opt for a smaller brush with softer bristles.

To see visible results, you will need to dry brush for at least two weeks, about three times a week. After that you can dry brush daily as long as you don't experience any redness or irritation. Use broad, sweeping motions upwards towards the heart - never the other way. Keep your strokes light and even. After each dry brushing session, shower and finish with an appropriate moisturizer to keep skin soft and smooth.


Dry brushing has a host of wellness benefits - exfoliating dead skin cells, reducing appearance of cellulite and releasing toxins in the body. This is due to stimulating the lymphatic system, and increasing circulation which helps tone and firm skin. Believe it or not, dry brushing can help decrease stress and improve digestion and kidney function.

Brushing tips:

1. The skin should be completely dry before brushing.

2. Begin at your feet and move the brush up your body.

3. Wash your brush multiple times a month to keep it sanitary.


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