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Most Asked Euro Esty Question

One of the questions we get asked often is:

Aside from doing facials and working in the spa, what would you say the possibilities are for new estys or someone wanting to pursue a career in esthetics without having a clear chosen path?

This is such a great question! The reality is that now more than ever estheticians have so many opportunities to specialize outside the traditional spa setting. Lash artists, waxing specialists and makeup artists are hired everywhere - from department stores to specialty studios. Doctors and clinics hire estheticians as medical assistants, front desk sales and appointment consultants. More recently, big box stores (like Sephora and Ulta) are hiring licensed estheticians as skincare sales specialists. This is an amazing time to be an esthetician! We hope 2022 brings you lots of career happiness.

A few opportunities for estys include:


Spas usually incorporate a variety of services, so you can use a lot of the training you received in school in your job! Depending on the spa you work at, you could be offering services such as: facials, peels, eyelash and brow services, waxing or sugaring, body treatments, laser hair removal, advanced treatment modalities - the list is endless. If you’re passionate about helping other people work in the industry or long to own your own business, becoming a spa manager or even owner could be a rewarding position for you!


Becoming an eyelash extension or lash and brow tinting specialist could be an exciting and rewarding career. Lash extensions and tinting are becoming very popular! Lash extensions, lash lifting and brow lamination are crazy popular now. Lash and brow artists can work in a variety of spas and salons doing what they love! In addition to our regular lash & brow tinting and waxing classes, we offer lash extension certifications with our Ellebana trained specialist.


If you love to unleash your creative side, makeup artistry might be your thing. Every face is your artist's canvas, ready for you to create something new. Makeup artists often own their own business, freelance, or work in a salon or spa.


If you’re interested in working in a medical setting, using advanced treatments or working with lasers, you might love a job as a medical esthetician! There's opportunity to work with dermatologists, plastic surgeons, or in medical spas.


Social media is the thing these days to get known. Build clientele and a portfolio for your services. If social media and blogging are a passion of yours, then becoming a beauty blogger may be just right for you.

Clients and others will look to you as the expert and a reliable source for information in the industry - like treatment trends, new product ingredients, skincare routines, and tips you use on your clients. Successful influencers are sought after by product brands and companies to represent and recommend their products on social media.


We hear this so often - our students who love their instructors because they have inspired them to go after their goals and dreams. If that's you, you may decide you want to provide that inspiration and learning experience for others. Becoming an instructor can be very rewarding for anyone who loves to do - and teach!

Have questions or want to learn more? Contact Darlene in Admissions. She'll answer any questions you may have!


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